Chelsea Houska Throws MAJOR Shade at Jenelle Evans: We Don’t Murder Pets In Our Family!

David and Goat 1

Earlier this week, David Eason posted a video himself eating a goat.

Now, people eat goat all the time, but the difference with David’s meal is that the animal had a name and was previously a beloved family pet.

So are the Easons so poor that they have no choice but to slaughter their own pets in order to keep food on the table?

Yeah, probably. But that’s not the reason that Eason posted a video of himself eating a goat’s ass before panning to its severed head in the trash, surrounded by beer cans.

He did it because he knows that shock value is his only chance at remaining relevant.

That puts the public in a difficult position.

We want to make fun of David for having a small penis and needing to overcompensate by acting like a psycho and murdering his children’s pets.

But at the same time, we know that by doing so, we’re giving him the attention he so desperately craves.

Thankfully, Chelsea Houska seems to have figured out the perfect solution.

Chelsea, as probably already know, is basically the anti-Jenelle.

She also lives in a rural area with plenty of acres and animals, but she’s married to a decent, attractive man who doesn’t frighten small children.

She responded to the Jenelle situation in gloriously passive-aggressive fashion by posting an Instagram Story in which her own goats are seen blissfully frolicking around her property to the tune of Louis Armstrong’s “What a Wonderful World”.

David has yet to respond to the obvious jab from Chelsea, and he never will, because he knows Cole DeBoer would kick his ass.

He has, however, defended his decision to devour his kids’ pet on Instagram.

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“At about one-year-old, the males are big enough to eat and have really good meat. The females are really only good for milk but they have very rich milk,” Eason wrote.

“Americans are pansies when it comes to food,” he added.

“If y’all ever wondered what a goat tastes like off the grill, well I’m here to tell you it tastes like chicken, taste just like beef or pork but it’s real good,” David blathered on.

“People should eat more goat. It’s yum.”

Oh, okay! The guy who’s brain clearly hasn’t been melted by drugs says it tastes just like chicken, beef, and pork!

He’s still confused, just like when he didn’t understand why people had a problem with him shooting the family dog in front of his kids.

Fortunately, Twitter users were happy to spell it out for Eason:

“The Easons don’t have a farm, they have a swamp. they aren’t raising shit to eat, he’s an animal abuser who enjoys killing live things,” one person tweeted/

“I have issues. 1. Animals raised to be food dont get names. 2. You dont kill pets for food. 3. This is a dog killer we are talking about,” another added.

“So he didnt do humanely i bet. 4. He bragged about it & showed Elvis’s [the goat] head in garbage . So, that shows theres no dignity or respect.

“I don’t think he intended …read more

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