Cole DeBoer: I Can’t WAIT to Adopt Chelsea Houska’s Daughter!

Aubree Lind-DeBoer

Yesterday, we reported that Chelsea Houska’s baby daddy, Adam Lind, had been arrested yet again, this time for failure to pay child support.

Normally, the incident would mark another sad chapter in the life of Aubree, Houska’s 11-year-old daughter by DeBoer.

But these days, the long-suffering little girl has reason to be optimistic.

Chelsea married Cole DeBoer back in 2016, and he and Aubree formed an instant bond.

That’s a wonderful thing, as prior to that point, Aubree never had anything resembling a real father figure in her life.

Cole posted a tribute to Aubree for her 11th birthday this week, and comments from fans led to an interesting revelation.

“I have no idea how you are already 11, but it has truly been a joy watching you grow up into the beautiful, kind, and amazing young lady you are today,” Cole wrote.

“I love you and will forever be here for you.”

For obvious reasons, his followers were overwhelmed with emotion.

“You have always shown up for her Cole!” one person commented.

“It is admirable to watch you raise her and treat her like she is your own! I hope one day you are able to adopt her!”

According to In Touch Chelsea’s husband was quick to offer an enthusiastic response, writing:

“I have my pen ready!” 

For longtime Teen Mom 2 viewers, that answer won’t come as much of a shock.

“I would do it right now if she wants to,” Cole said during a February 2019 episode of the show.

“I would never make her do anything.”

“I feel like the best for her would be if [Adam] was just completely out of the picture instead of in and out hurting her,” Chelsea replied.

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“If he came to me and wanted to sign his rights over for Aubree, I would for sure do it,” the 16 and Pregnant alum added. “Obviously, Cole wants to adopt her.”

The conversation was prompted by Chelsea’s discovery that Lind had signed over all custody rights for his other daughter, Paislee.

Unfortunately, he has yet to do the same for Aubree.

But regardless of whether or not Aubree — who has already taken Cole’s last name — is eligible to be adopted by her stepdad, the DeBoer clan has never been tighter.

Last month, we learned that Chelsea is pregnant with her fourth child.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Houska spoke about her excitement at welcoming another child, but admitted that she’s been dismayed by some of the responses to her big news.

“There’s always the comments that are like, ‘She’s pregnant again?!’… I think a lot of people still consider or think of us as being these young or teen moms,” she said.

“Did you see the one where someone said to keep my legs closed or something? I was like, I mean, I’m married so… It just cracks me up. People just don’t realize that we are almost 30, I think, and married, and we’re not teenagers anymore.”

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