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The Duggar family is almost as well known for its strict code of conduct as for its massive size.

Many, if not most, of the rules the Duggars and their spouses are forced to abide by have to do with their sex lives.

You’re probably familiar with the Duggar courtship rules that prohibit virtually all forms of premarital physical contact.

But interestingly, men are granted a surprising amount of freedom once they’ve said “I do.”

Which may be why one of the most infamous Duggar couples is still together — despite rampant rumors that Derick Dillard has been caught cheating on Jill Duggar.

Here’s what we know about the situation thus far:

1. Happier Times

Jill and Derick got married back in 2014. In the years since, they’ve performed missionary work together in Central America and welcomed two sons.

2. Leaving the Spotlight

Last year, Derick was fired from Counting On after bullying a fellow TLC star on social media. Jill quit the show as a sign of solidarity.

3. The Strain

The couple was left with no source of income, a situation that reportedly placed their marriage under considerable stress.

4. The Rumors Begin

It was around this time that the rumors of Derick being unfaithful to Jill first began to make their way around social media.

5. Big D on Campus

Derick began doing work on college campuses as part of his church’s ministry program, and it wasn’t long before signs of inappropriate relations with female students surfaced online.

6. Caught in the Act

The most damning piece of evidence was this video of Derick partying and dancing with young women with Jill nowhere in sight.

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Derick Dillard: CAUGHT Cheating on Jill Duggar?!

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