Duchess Kate’s keen Early Years project ‘will be unveiled later this year’


Britain's Kate, The Duchess of Cambridge listens during a visit to The Natural History Museum in London, Wednesday, Oct. 9, 2019. The Duchess of Cambridge, Patron of the Museum, visited the Natural History Museum's Angela Marmont Centre for UK Biodiversity

Here are more photos from the Duchess of Cambridge’s appearance at the Natural History Museum’s Angela Marmont Centre for UK Biodiversity yesterday. People are still talking about her outfit, and there’s a special focus on how Kate was “thrifty” for choosing mass-market pieces like a $50 Warehouse sweater and some inexpensive Jigsaw culottes. And then she wasn’t so thrifty when she used a $4000 Chanel purse. I’ve always said – about Kate and Meghan both – that I don’t mind when they spend a lot of money on purses and jewelry, because those are the pieces which last forever and can be used forever. But yeah, it’s not “thrifty,” it’s just smart to mix-and-match High Street with expensive stuff when you’re a duchess.

The real reason for this post is that we’ve finally got an update on Kate’s secret, keen project. I called the “Broken Britain” project, because that’s how it was initially described, that Kate wanted something major to do with the children who have fallen through the cracks of a Broken Britain. We were told about this secret project relentlessly last year, that Kate was taking meetings and doing research and that she would soon unveil this major initiative. Or project. Or charity. They were never very clear about what was being announced or what any of it really WAS. Then in February of this year, Kate threw herself a palace party to celebrate this keen project, and VF tried to explain what it is and it still sounded… vague?

The point is that we’ve been keen-baited about this damn thing for 13 months and we finally have something solid to cling to. As The Royal Foundation continues to update their site and delete almost everything having to do with the Sussexes, it looks like Kate’s Keen Project made it onto the revamped site. She’s calling it “Early Years” and here’s what’s on the site:

The first few years of childhood are more pivotal for development, future health and happiness, than any other single moment of our lifetime. With greater focus on the early years, The Duchess of Cambridge believes we can better provide solid social and emotional platforms for children to make them healthier and more resilient later in life. Her Royal Highness and The Royal Foundation have brought academics, practitioners and charities together to form a steering group to develop a significant new body of work that will ultimately support all efforts to provide children with the best possible start in life. This has been a major body of work and will be unveiled later this year.

Stemming originally from her work on issues like addiction and family breakdown, The Duchess of Cambridge has observed that so many of society’s greatest social and health challenges, and the inter-generational cycle of disadvantage, could be mitigated or entirely avoided by providing the right support for children in the earliest years in life.

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