June Shannon Crushes Family’s Hopes, Bails on Rehab AGAIN

June shannon crushes familys hopes bails on rehab again

Previews for this week’s Mama June: Family Crisis showed Jennifer Lamb’s cruel taunts about June Shannon being a crackhead.

In this sneak peek, we see the family’s horror as June once again bails on her promise to attend rehab.

“One month later,” this sneak peek clip of Mama June: Family Crisis begins.

Likely, that means one month after the explosive confrontation with Jennifer and Mike.

It is also one month after Mama June was supposed to report to rehab for her expensive drug habit.

Here, we see that Alana is also sick at the moment.

She is coughing, and Lauryn has gone to the store in part to pick up the worst thing in the world — cough syrup.

Alana is complaining because Lauryn declined to buy her lip gloss.

Frankly, given the choice between the two, Alana would prefer the lip gloss.

And while we would normally prioritize medicine, in this case, we can’t blame Alana. Cough syrup is worse than most coughs.

However, she was not given a choice, and Lauryn explains why she cannot simply have both.

Lauryn is frankly a little overwhelmed right now and on a budget — which is probably a mix of truth and for-TV drama.

This is where June’s absence is shown to be taking its toll upon the family.

“Mama would have let me get lip gloss,” Alana points out, but Lauryn shuts that down.

At this point, Alana — a braver soul than I am — actually takes the cough syrup.

She has no choice, since she is not yet an adult who can choose to cough with dignity rather than down that repulsive tar.

But the cough is the least of the family’s worries. June’s poor choices have put them in a crisis.

So why, exactly, is the family falling to pieces?

“The past month has been nerve-racking,” Lauryn explains whie speaking to the camera.

She details why June, who had appeared in all of two episodes, is not around to explain for herself what is going on.

“[June’s manager] Gina called me,” Lauryn shares. It sounds for a moment like she said “Geno” but that’s not her fault.

She reveals that Gina Rodriguez called “to tell me that Mama skipped out on rehab.”

Lauryn emphasizes that June has done this to the family “once again.”

“And,” Lauryn laments, “things have just gotten worse since then.”

We can see for ourselves that her life is in chaos.

“I just don’t know how much more I can take,” she expresses.”

“I’m having to put dinner on the table,” Lauryn mentions.

She notes: “I’m basically a single mom when [husband] Josh is not here.”

Lauryn also reveals that she has been taking extra shifts at work — which in turn force Alana, a busy teenager, to also provide childcare.

Alana expresses: “It’s so frustrating.”

As if speaking to her absent mother, she asks: “like why don’t you try and do better for yourself?”

She says that June should want to do rehab “so you can be back in our life.”

“She’s not showing any improvement,” Alana laments.

Alana would have hoped “that she’s trying to get better because she misses us.”

Instead, it …read more

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