Kristen Wiig talks about surrogacy & being in an ‘IVF haze’ for three years

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Kristen Wiig is one of the “cover girls” for InStyle’s September issue. It’s a subdued beach photoshoot in LA, pandemic-style, and I feel like Wiig is serving up some Kristen Stewart Realness, especially with her current hair. Wiig talks about a lot of different things in this piece, like working on Wonder Woman: 1984, and how she welcomed twins with her fiance in January. Remember that? We only found out about the fiance and the babies in June. Kristen is engaged to Avi Rothman, and they welcomed their twins via surrogacy. You can read the full InStyle piece here. Some highlights:

Being a quiet, private person: “It’s not a conscious choice to be secretive. I just want to exist in real life with my family, my friends, and my dogs. Work is work…. The longer I’m in this business, the less I care what people think.

Quarantined in LA: “We’ve sort of been quarantining since January because of the babies. We’re nesting, and we’re tired. Having two 9-month-olds is a lot! But they’re growing, and I can’t wait to see them every morning. It’s not all just lying around and smiling at babies, though. It’s overwhelming to think about everyone else who’s struggling, and it’s hard to be good knowing that.

The surrogacy process: “It was a very long road…We tried to keep the [surrogacy] process private for as long as possible, because it is a very private thing. Unfortunately, we were photographed with them — and, well, it’s out there! As private as I am and as sacred as this all is, what helped me was reading about other women who went through it and talking to those who have gone through IVF and fertility stuff. It can be the most isolating experience. But I’m trying to find that space where I can keep my privacy and also be there for someone else who may be going through it.

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When she & Avi started the process: “We’ve been together for about five years, and three of them were spent in an IVF haze. Emotionally, spiritually, and medically, it was probably the most difficult time in my life. I wasn’t myself. There are so many emotions that go with it — you’re always waiting by the phone and getting test results, and it was just bad news after bad news. Occasionally there would be a good month, but then it was just more bad news. There was a lot of stress and heartache. It was a long f–king time. It got to the point where I just kind of stopped talking about it entirely, because I would get sad whenever someone asked. It was just part of my life. I gave myself shots in airplane bathrooms and at restaurants — and those shots are no joke.

Talking about fertility with other people: “It’s hard not to personalize it when you get a negative result. You go through so much self-deprecation, and you feel like your …read more

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