Lizzo’s new vegan diet looks tasty, and like it’s not that much work either


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Lizzo has gone on a vegan diet during lockdown, which is the time to try it. If you’re going to take on any kind of major change, might as well do it when we should be staying home. (Personally I’ve just piled more work onto my normal home and virtual workload, which was dumb but it’s my new normal and I’m sticking with it.) Lizzo has been focusing on wellness, with workout videos, meditation, and now veganism. She posted videos to TikTok showing what she eats in a day and it looks good and not. She even has recipes for hangovers. You can see the video here and here’s what she said:

This is a breakfast smoothie I like to make with coconut water, whatever kale or spinach I have and frozen fruit. This is a salad that I love to make. This one has kale, red cabbage, some broccoli and a slice of avocado, some white onions and some carrots. For a snack I have this hummus from the farmer’s market and I used to eat a bunch of hot cheetos, that was not good for my acid reflux. These [Lesser Evil Paleo Puffs] are a cheeto alternative that I love that’s vegan. I dip that in hummus. These [Shroomeats packaged mushroom balls] are some mushroom balls and I made a truffle chickpea mushroom ball thing with some quinoa and the salad from earlier made a reappearance. [Batch craft soda zero calorie diet cola] I don’t like diet cola, but this was a vegan diet cola. After dinner I made a peanut butter and jelly smoothie by using peanut butter, some frozen strawberries, oats, oat milk and vanilla protein powder and love from Jesus. That was my day. I feel very good, very lit and full.

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I need to install TikTok, I feel so far behind. Even my mom is on it, but I digress. I have the same problem Lizzo used to in that I eat too many chips and processed food and then my stomach hurts and I can’t sleep. Alka Seltzer helps. Last month I watched a vegan meal prep video that made me think I could try it, but it looked like a lot of work preparing all that food. The way that Lizzo does it looks a lot easier. Things like smoothies, salads, quinoa and couscous are easy to prepare. Plus you could probably buy most of that stuff premade like Lizzo. As for the limitations, I only eat white meat as I’m allergic to red meat. Going vegetarian or pescatarian wouldn’t be much of a sacrifice, but giving up eggs, cheese and ice cream seems like it would be an adjustment. There are a lot of people who are vegan and manage just fine though, and the health benefits make it seem like it would be worth it. In the mean time I’ll just eat more veggies. I love a good smoothie!

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