Mackenzie Standifer Claps Back at Critics: Ryan Edwards Can Make Fun of His Kids If He Wants To!

Mackenzie Standifer Snapshot

When Mackenzie Standifer first started dating Ryan Edwards, she was openly unhappy.

You might think she was miserable because of Edwards’ addictions, or the fact that his nnarcissism and general crappiness are rivaled in the annals of Teen Mom baby daddy history only by the likes David Eason or Adam Lind.

But that wasn’t the case.

No, Mackenzie was upset by all the criticism she received from fans.

The situation got so bad that Standifer quit social media and vowed to quit Teen Mom OG.

Obviously, neither of those things happened.

In fact, Mackenzie appeared on this week’s episode of TMOG, and she spent much of the night scrolling through Instagram and clapping back at viewers who criticized her behavior on the show.

If you caught the episode, we probably don’t need to tell you what scene we’re talking about.

Ryan and Mackenzie enjoyed a round of golf with his parents and his eldest son, Bentley.

And the afternoon took an unexpectedly nasty turn as Ryan mocked and berated the boy for his performance on the links.

“He’s already mad because he’s losing,” Edwards quipped at one point.

“Oh, he’s mad,” Mackenzie echoed.

“Well, that’s unplayable,” Ryan joked when Bentley shanked a drive.

Bentley seemed to become increasingly upset, as did viewers who voiced their opinions on Mack’s Instagram page.

“Are you okay with last night’s episode? Your husband needs to get off drugs, and needs to stop making fun of his first born son that he hardly even sees,” one follower wrote, as reported by Starcasm.

“Were you there? No, but thanks for your input hippie-stoner,” Mackenzie shot back.

“Agreed! Both laughing at him.. worst couple around,” another fan replied to the initial comment.

“Lol omg sit tf down. Everyone is competitive,” Standifer responded.

Well … not everyone is competitive, and even those who are are usually able to restrain themselves from getting too worked about athletic competitions with young children.

“RYAN IS SO MEAN TO BENTLEY LIKE WTF & Mackenzie does even say anything to him wtf was that about?” another viewer observed.

“It was friendly competition. Everyone had planned this golf trip weeks in advance with all of the smack talk that went along with it. We had a great time!” Mackenzie argued.

“I guess my thing is Bentley always looks so afraid to be around Ryan, I hope Ryan isn’t mean to you or him,” wrote yet another viewer.

“I can see how you would think that through the shows lens. But that’s not the case in person,” Mackenzie replied.

Now that reality TV has been around for a couple decades, and we’ve all become a bit savvier as viewers, stars are gonna have to be a bit more specific when they play the “blame the editing” card.

Like, we unsderstand that not everything we’re seeing is a perfect representation of what actually transpired, but instead of calling people names for reacting to what they saw (as we’re sure she does when watching other reality shows) Mackenzie would be better off explaining exactly how the day was different from how it was …read more

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