Paul Staehle Deletes Instagram: Karine Will Never Let Me See Our Sons!

Paul and Karine on Season 5

Last week, 90 Day Fiance fans were worried that Paul Staehle might be stalking Karine after their separation.

Now, Paul has deleted his Instagram … after declaring that Karine will never allow him to see his sons.

“For everyone thinking I am chasing Karine in Brazil,” Paul addressed his followers back when he was still on Instagram.

Paul, who is in Brazil, shared with them: “Karine is in Indiana USA.”

He wasn’t more specific, likely because he himself does not know her precise location — a measure that Karine took for her own safety.

“I came [to Brazil] alone to clean and organize our brazil home,” Paul claimed.

He added: “It needs to be sanitary and baby safe.”

“I have been keeping busy since she left,” Paul wrote. “I finished cleaning and organizing USA house so now I am doing the same thing in Brazil.”

“I have not seen my son since July,” Paul reported. Notably, it was at the very end of July that he and Karine split.

He revealed that his and Karine’s “next court date is now in December.”

“I will not see my sons for a very long time,” Paul announced, revealing that they are expecting Baby #2 to be a boy.

It is reassuring to hear that Paul, who has an alarming criminal history, is abiding by the restraining order.

Paul and Karine had a massive fight in late July that resulted in police being called.

A friend of Karine’s came over to advocate for her and help communicate with police, presumably so that Paul could not simply tell police whatever he wanted.

According to Karine, she has lived like a prisoner, forbidden to leave the house without Paul’s permission.

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She also accuses him of abuse, which would be very serious even without Paul’s history of arrests.

Paul’s behavior since the split is a little odd … but then, his behavior has always raised the eyebrows of viewers.

Livestreaming the police visit was weird. Trying to get his fans to conduct a manhunt for Karine was downright alarming.

Just a few days ago, Paul shared a video of himself partying while in Brazil (a video preserved by 90 Day Fiance blogger John Yates).

We don’t question laughing and dancing despite family troubles — that’s life. The decision to share it on his Instagram Stories was … curious.

Last month, Paul was vowing to delete his social media because he was “addicted” to it, something that he blamed for the downfall of his marriage.

Maybe setting up cameras to cover the perimeter and interior of his home so that his wife was almost always being recorded played a bigger role in that. Just a guess.

Regardless of the many factors that led to what fans hope will be the end of this marriage, Paul has now, weeks later, made good on that promise. His Instagram is no more.

Though this season of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? was almost entirely filmed last year, we could still see foreshadowing of the fallout to come.

For example, we saw that Karine sometimes had to …read more

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