‘Senior royals’ worry that the Sussexes’ Netflix deal will ‘distract’ from their work

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Today is Prince Harry’s 36th birthday. To celebrate, Entertainment Tonight published this very shady piece on Monday, all about how the Windors are still salty about the Sussexes’ move and their Netflix deal, of course. An unnamed source even accidentally reveals the truth: the senior royals worry that Harry and Meghan will eclipse the royal family now that they’re living in California. That’s what it always was! That’s what “senior royals” worried about when the Sussexes lived in the UK too, only then the senior royals were constantly backstabbing and selling out the Sussexes to the tabloid media.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry may be moving forward with their post-royal life, but it seems the royal family isn’t necessarily pleased with how the couple has chosen to further their careers. ET has learned that the royal family is not happy about the couple’s recently announced Netflix deal. They will be producing films and series for the streaming service, which will include scripted series, docuseries, documentaries, features and children’s programming.

The royal family is not pleased with this new development in the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s professional life because everyone agreed to a one-year review period for the couple’s exit from their royal duties. ET has learned that there is some concern about how the deal may play out.

Additionally, ET has learned there have been some raised eyebrows about how the attention on this new deal could distract from the work of other senior members of the family. Harry’s brother, Prince William, and sister-in-law, Kate Middleton, have been hard at work amid the coronavirus pandemic with their charities and trying to lend their support to people around the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth, as has Harry and William’s father, Prince Charles, and their stepmother, Camilla.

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Royal expert Katie Nicholl spoke to ET about why some royal family members might be bothered by Harry and Meghan’s Netflix deal. “There are some members of the institution who are concerned that the couple are going to cash in on their royal connections,” she explained. “They might be under pressure from Netflix to stray into upper territory but sources close to the couple tell me that they are very adamant that anything and everything that they do is very much going to be in a respectful tone to the Queen, the monarchy, and very much on their missions.”

Nicholl added of the couple’s possible TV projects, “It’s not going to be in style of The Crown or a royal documentary series. I’m sure that really isn’t on the table so if there are concerns in the palace, Harry and Meghan are making it really clear there is no need for concern.”

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Name-checking William and Kate immediately after “this new deal could distract from the work of other senior members of the family” was done purposefully. Will and Kate are very, very worried. They did all of that hard work to exile Harry and …read more

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