Tati Westbrook: Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star Gaslit Me Into Canceling James Charles!

Tati westbrook shane dawson and jeffree star gaslit me into canc

In May of 2019, Tati Westbrook canceled James Charles in her infamous “Bye, Sister” YouTube video, dethroning the controversial makeup vlogger.

Right now, everyone on social media is focused on canceling Shane Dawson … and Tati just threw her hat into the ring.

On Tuesday afteroon on June 30, Tati Westbrook once again took to YouTube to post a lengthy takedown.

This time, her target is not James Charles.

Rather, Tati is taking aim at Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star — two of the other most widely reviled men on or off of YouTube.

She says that they led a coordinated campaign of lies that drove her to “cancel” James 13 months ago.

Tati becomes tearful multiple times in the 40 minute video, and also explains that she is sticking to a script approved by legal counsel.

First and foremost, the 38-year-old beauty vlogger apologizes to James Charles, as she believes that she wronged him.

“We compared DMs, texts, and stories of what happened behind the scenes,” Tati shares.

“We apologized to each other, forgave each other,” she adds, “and agreed to wait patiently until it was right for me to share my story.”

That time is now.

Tati describes in extreme detail how she came to know both Shane and Jeffree.

She accuss them of lying to her and manipulating her, spending hours working her until she was “beyond gaslit.”

Without that, Tati says, she would never have made “Bye, Sister.”

Tati says that James actually offered to sit beside her while she filmed this video.

“I am really sorry, James,” Tati affirms.

“I’ve said that privately,” she notes, “but I want you to hear that publicly.”

“I did not make my video because of vitamins,” Tati notes. “I made it as a result of all the poisonous lies fed to me by Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star.”

“James, I am so sorry I allowed myself to be poisoned and weaponized against you,” she expresses.

Tati explains: “I was told there were a lot of victims that were going to come forward to destroy you.”

“I should have known better to fall for their lies and manipulation,” she apologizes.

Tati laments: “I allowed Shane and Jeffree to drive a wedge between our friendship.”

She does admit that when she first became friends with Jeffree, she came to realize that he was fixated on badmouthing James.

Even at her birthday, Jeffree would rant about James being out of control, even calling her the next day to reinforce that impression.

“All he could do,” Tati characterizes, “is speak poorly of James Charles.”

It wasn’t long before Jeffree made the introductions between Tati and Shane, who began spending time together.

“I shared that I had been the victim of sexual assault,” Tati recalls. “I spoke about my faith and told him how deeply I feel for others.”

“He shared with me that he was an empath,” she said, “and that he could feel all of my pain.”

Shane apparently invited Tati to be part of his docu-series, which he was making with Jeffree, which would involve drama in the YouTube community.

“Shane said James Charles was a monster, …read more

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