A Week In Los Angeles, CA, On A $15.50 An Hour


Welcome to Money Diaries where we are tackling the ever-present taboo that is money. We’re asking real people how they spend their hard-earned money during a seven-day period — and we’re tracking every last dollar.

Today: a cheesemonger who makes $15.50/hour and spends some of her money this week on Idiazabal cheese.

Occupation: Cheesemonger
Industry: Service
Age: 32
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Salary: $15.50 + tips + side hustles (photography, dog-sitting) + unemployment (just during the pandemic since I’m currently only working 14 hours a week)
Net Worth: $2,000 in savings + IRA + used car (which probably isn’t worth much). I have no debt and I rent.
Debt: $0
Paycheck Amount (Biweekly): Approx. $600 ($15.50/hour + credit card tips, which average to $7/hour)
Pronouns: She/her

Monthly Expenses
Rent: $1,160 in a three-bedroom apartment (my landlord gave me a bit of a break during the pandemic so it was briefly less than this, but I backpay my rent in this diary)
Loans: $0 (no student loans and I bought a used car in cash)
Quip: $10.95/every three months
Format Web Hosting: $7.99
Adobe Creative Cloud: $9.99
Health Insurance: $1 (I get a big tax credit from Covered California but usually end up paying some back at the end of the year)
Dental Insurance: $7.66
Patreon: $41 (I subscribe to three different primarily yoga-based Patreons)
Private Yoga: $30 (two classes a week for a group of four of us)
Disney+: $6.99 (I mostly use this as a bargaining chip — I’ve traded my Disney+ login for Netflix and Hulu passwords)
Amazon Prime + HBO: $14.99
Spotify Premium: $9.99
MLB Audio: $21.76/year (I need Yankees baseball radio in my life)
Car Insurance: $47.95
Parking: $60 but my employer pay
WNYC: $10 (I should probably start donating to LA’s local NPR station since I’ve lived here three years now)
NY Times Digital: $16.32
Internet/Utilities: ~$60
Apple iCloud Storage: $0.99

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Was there an expectation for you to attend higher education? Did you participate in any form of higher education? If yes, how did you pay for it?
I was already thinking about college when I was in elementary school. I remember being excited about the possibility of a new city. My younger self wanted to go to college in New York or California. I had two older brothers go before me so it was expected that I would go as well. I never felt academic pressure from my parents, but their children getting a college education was important to them. I ended up attending art school in Ohio for Photography. I got a partial scholarship, and my parents paid the rest.

Growing up, what kind of conversations did you have about money? Did your parent/guardian(s) educate you about finances?
Growing up, we were always comfortable. The biggest lesson my parents taught me was “live below your means.” We didn’t talk about finances much, but now that I’m older I’ve been trying to ask more questions. My dad was always good with money and I want to make sure those lessons get passed down.

What was your first job and why did you get it?
My brothers and I started with paper routes in elementary school. It didn’t pay …read more

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