Batman: Arkham Shadow continues series as Meta Quest VR game

Batman: Arkham Shadow- the Arkham legacy continues (Picture: Meta)

Warner Bros. has announced a new entry in the Batman: Arkham series but it’s a VR-only game and its connection to Suicide Squad is unclear.

There are many reasons to lament the failure of this year’s Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League, not least what it means for the future of Rocksteady Studios, creators of the original Batman: Arkham series.

Suicide Squad is nominally part of the same canon, but it skips over its connections to 2015’s Arkham Knight so quickly you’d barely realise it. However, and somewhat surprisingly, the franchise is set to continue, via a new VR game.

There’s virtually no information about what Batman: Arkham Shadow is, or when it’s set, with the full reveal not due until June 7 at Summer Game Fest. However, it’s set to be a Meta Quest 3 exclusive and seems to involve the supervillain Ratcatcher.

Ratcatcher is a fairly minor figure in Batman’s rogues gallery, and is rarely seen outside the comics, although his daughter, described as Ratcatcher 2, featured in James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad movie.

Whether either of them is actually in the game is unclear, but it’s the only real speculation that can be made at this point, as the pre-rendered trailer doesn’t show anything else other than a nice, creepy version of Gotham City at night.

It’s not even clear which Batman this is, since many have worn his cowl in the comics. But then it’s also unknown whether Warner will feel the need to explain the Arkham Knight/Suicide Squad connections, or just ignore them.

What we do know is that the game is not by Rocksteady and there’s no indication that they have had any involvement with it at all.

Instead, the developer is American studio Camouflaj, who made the mostly good Iron Man VR game for Sony back in 2020, and are now owned by Meta.

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The game will be unveiled in full at Summer Game Fest on June 7, at 10pm BST. It will be released later this year, only on Meta Quest 3.

While timed Meta Quest exclusives do come to PlayStation VR2 and PC headsets eventually that’s unlikely to be the case here, as Arkham Shadow’s made by Meta themselves.

This isn’t the first time there’s been a Batman VR game though, as Rocksteady themselves made Batman: Arkham VR back in 2010. It was very much just a tech demo, but it did have some story elements that connected it to Arkham Knight.

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