Below Deck Med’s Julia d’Albert Opens up About Infertility Struggles – ‘I Felt Lost, Frustrated and Upset’

<p><em><a href=””>Below Deck Mediterranean</a></em> stew Julia d’Albert recently opened up about <a href=””>infertility and the two miscarriages</a> she experienced over the last year. </p>

<p>She plans to speak openly about her experience but shared why 2022 was an especially rough year. Over the past few months, d’Albert hinted that she’s been dealing with some challenges. When she posted a sweet anniversary photo from her wedding, she added, “2022 has not been the easiest of years and quite frankly quite testing but to have you by my side is everything.” </p>

<p>Now d’Albert has shared why 2022 was so hard in the hopes of helping and connecting with others who are facing the same challenges. </p>

<h2 id=”h-julia-from-below-deck-med-opened-up-about-infertility-and-miscarriage”>Julia from ‘Below Deck Med’ opened up about infertility and miscarriage </h2>

<p>D’Albert posted a video on <a href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>Instagram</a> opening up about the last year. “I came on here really to share the journey I’ve been going through over the past kind of year,” she said. “[Husband] Matty and I have been trying for a baby for about 13 months. And we’ve had two miscarriages, one at seven weeks and one at five weeks.” </p>

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<p>“And I just wanted to come on here because there’s not much awareness around it and not many women want to talk about it, which I can completely understand,” she continued. “But I just want to say that you’re not by yourself. I understand. It’s lonely. I felt lost, frustrated, and upset. All the emotions really, with the hormones going up and down. And I just want to say, yeah, it’s so hard. I do want to share more of my experience, so I will. It is hard, me having a pregnancy brand. And kind of going through infertility and miscarriage. But that’s life.”</p>

<h2>Having a pregnancy brand made the experience even harder </h2>

<p>D’Albert owns the pregnancy and motherhood site, <a href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>Myrtle & Maude</a>, which focuses on pregnancy wellness and health. She shared on the site why she started the company, revealing that, “I started ‘Myrtle & Maude’ because life has become so stressful and hectic and the simple ‘good life’ is quite hard to attain in the modern world. I saw that there was a lack of natural solutions that were easy and convenient to use especially for Women’s health & wellness and specifically for the pregnancy journey.”</p>

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<p>She also captioned her video with the reason why she decided to go public. “I’m sharing this as I hope it will help other women and couples trying to conceive and/or who have been through miscarriage,” she wrote. </p>

<p>“Miscarriage, unfortunately, affects around one in four pregnancies which is never the words you want to hear when going through it,” she continued. “Through this journey, I have found it’s not really a topic people talk about but when you do it’s crazy to hear how many women have similar experiences and journeys. Personally, I have found it helpful talking to friends & family about it but understand for some it’s just too difficult.”</p>

<h2 id=”h-another-below-deck-yachtie-likely-understands-how-julia-feels”>Another ‘Below Deck’ yachtie likely understands how Julia feels </h2>

<p>D’Albert has also watched other <a href=””><em>Below Deck</em> friends have babies</a>, including Hannah Ferrier and Anastasia Surmava. But she isn’t alone. Former <em>Below Deck</em> chief stew Adrienne Gang spoke about her own miscarriage on her podcast last fall. She echoed some of the remarks d’Albert made in her Instagram video. </p>

<p>“What I have learned through this process is how many women I know in person that before this I never knew had miscarriages,” Gang said. “And it’s wild how many people I know have gone through this, and I never knew about it because it’s not something that anybody ever really talks about.”</p>

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<p>“At first, you know, you go through the process of like, what did I do wrong?” she asked. “What could I have done differently? Did I not take enough vitamins? All of those things? I lost the baby at about seven weeks. It took me a couple more weeks to find that out because nothing happened. And it wasn’t until I went in for a regular ultrasound appointment that they told me.”</p>

<p>“Apparently, that happens a lot,” she continued. “And especially in that first trimester. And for me to be able to talk to other people that have gone through this and then gone on to have perfectly healthy kids afterward. It was just astounding to me how many people. Because the first couple of days I didn’t really tell much of anybody. And it felt very lonely.”</p>

<p>Julia d’Albert currently stars on <em><a href=””>Below Deck Galley Talk</a></em> which airs on Friday. </p>

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