‘Big Brother 24’ Spoilers: Brittany Owns up to Voting Against Taylor: ‘I Knew It!’

Big Brother 24 houseguest Brittany Hoopes voted to keep Alyssa Snider last week against Taylor Hale, forcing Monte Taylor to break the tie. After initially denying it, she finally confessed to casting the vote.

Brittany Hoopes owns to voting against Taylor Hale

During Big Brother 24 Week 10, Brittany Hoopes voted against her ally Taylor Hale, causing a split vote for Head of Household Monte Taylor to break. He decided to send Alyssa Snider home, keeping his then-showmance.

Her move annoyed Matt “Turner” as he felt Brittany used his friendship with Alyssa against him and confused Taylor, who thought the two were working together. After initially denying it, Brittany finally confessed to her former Leftover ally.

Do you think #BBBrittany was smart to force a tie breaker last week?? #BB24 pic.twitter.com/Yk8sj2PQgI

— Big Brother (@CBSBigBrother) September 19, 2022

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Speaking to each other in a bedroom, the Austin-based hypnotherapist hoped the viewers are cheering for her as an “underdog.” Taylor agreed, noting that things might be different if Brittany was “really ugly” toward her. She then asked if her ally voted against her last week, to which Brittany finally admitted. Taylor jumped around, claiming, “I knew it,” while the Austin native repeatedly apologized. Brittany explained she knew Taylor wasn’t in danger and wanted to blindside Turner.

Additionally, she said she intentionally put Monte in a position to have to break the tie, getting blood on his hands. The Michigan-based stylist insisted she didn’t mind and revealed she knew Brittany voted against her because of her body language. “I just wanted to shake things up,” the houseguest explained.

Brittany began playing a different game after Michael Bruner’s eviction

After losing a close ally and shield, Michael Bruner, during the second half of the Double Eviction, Brittany stepped up her game. She ended up as the primary target following his exit due to her messy gameplay, which she attributes to attempting to protect Michael, and Monte and Turner wanted her out next.

Monte nominated her alongside Alyssa, but Brittany saved herself with the Power of Veto and shouted out Michael, who broke the most POV wins record, after doing so.

#BBBrittany pulled out the veto win when she needed it most!?? See who is next in the jury house and who officially makes it to final 4 during the live eviction tonight at 9/8c on @CBS!? #BB24 pic.twitter.com/vENAUdrFP9

— Big Brother (@CBSBigBrother) September 15, 2022

She continued playing hard and tried to shake things up by flipping on Taylor, who Monte nominated as a replacement, and attempted to convince Turner to keep his friend, Alyssa.

Even though Turner has wanted Taylor out since the beginning of the game, he kept his promise to Monte by voting to evict Alyssa. Knowing he would do this, Brittany chose to flip her vote, hoping to paint Turner as a target. However, Taylor, Monte, and Turner knew the Austin native cast the rogue vote shortly …read more

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