Bob Dylan’s Tour Manager Recalled the Crass ‘Words of Wisdom’ John Lennon Shared

John Lennon wears a top hat and white gloves.


Bob Dylan met The Beatles at their hotel in New York.John Lennon offered Bob Dylan’s tour manager some crude wisdom.John Lennon said he and Bob Dylan were always uptight around each other.

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Bob Dylan and his tour manager, Victor Maymudes, met The Beatles in 1964. They hadn’t been sure what to expect, but Maymudes said the band was warm and welcoming to them. They thoroughly enjoyed their time together, and Maymudes even walked away from it with some wisdom from John Lennon. He said that Lennon’s advice consistently made him laugh over the years. 

The two musical acts met in 1964

In 1964, Dylan and Maymudes fought through a crowd of Beatles fans outside New York’s Delmonico Hotel. When they arrived at the band’s suite, Maymudes thought they had little in common. The Beatles were far more clean-cut than Dylan and, at first, the conversation was sluggish.

“At first Bob said very little,” Maymudes wrote in his book Another Side of Bob Dylan: A Personal History on the Road and Off the Tracks. “He cannot talk to a group of people except from the stage, and that’s hardly a conversation. It’s a monologue. John Lennon was the same way, both wordsmiths who got tongue-tied speaking to small groups.”

“I think (Paris) was the first time I ever heard Dylan (…) Paul said, ‘Oh, I keep hearing about this guy,’ or he’d heard it, I’m not sure – and we took it back to the hotel. And for the rest of our three weeks in Paris we didn’t stop playing it” – John

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Soon, though, they warmed to each other.

“But Bob turned his smile on them, and the Beatles answered with their own happy charisma, the five of them eyeing each other like bashful kids at a dance,” Maymudes explained. “Bob made an effort to talk to them, answering their questions. We talked about guitars and about music, but only superficially. Their banter was very funny as they talked about people at the party down the hall and exchanged cryptic lines about New York.”

Bob Dylan’s tour received words of wisdom from John Lennon

Dylan saw The Beatles several times that week, and Maymudes began to form a friendship with Lennon. After a dinner one night, Lennon offered Maymudes some “words of wisdom.”

“After we ate we were packing back into the two limousines we had: Albert, Brian and Al were in one; Bob, John, Paul, George, Ringo and I were in the other,” Maymudes wrote. “I opened the car door and they all jumped in, then I got in and closed the door. Well … somebody farted … I instantly thought it was Bob. But John looked right at me, like I did it, and said in that brilliant British accent, ‘The secret is to jump up and down before getting …read more

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