Bravo Producer Digs in on Heather Gay

Former Bravo producer Carlos King questioned “Real Housewives of Salt Lake City” star Angie Katsanevas about Monica Garcia’s exit after the show’s 4th season.

Katsanevas appeared on the January 26 episode of the “Two Ts In A Pod” podcast, hosted by Bravo personalities Tamra Judge and Teddi Mellencamp. During the podcast episode, Judge called King, who asked Katsanevas why the RHOSLC cast has given more grace to Heather Gay than to Garcia. Katsanevas noted that the cast took issue with Garcia after they discovered she helped run the RHOSLC-focused Instagram account, Reality Von Teese.

King retorted that he believed Gay was “more dangerous” than Garcia as she did not divulge that her former castmate Jen Shah caused her black eye while filming season 3 until the show’s 4th season. He stated that he was upset that she suggested a RHOSLC producer had caused the injury or “edited the footage” of the alleged incident.

“Why would you lie and incriminate production who make minimum wage, they leave their families at home, to go to Salt Lake City. Heather is diabolical. She’s a troublemaker. I’m more afraid of Heather than Monica,” said King.

Angie Katsanevas Came to Heather Gay’s Defense

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During the ‘Two Ts In A Pod” episode, Katsanevas stated that she understood why Gay felt hesitant about naming Shah as the individual responsible for the bruising around her eye.

“Heather, she uses her humor. And she admits that she used it in the wrong way like, ‘Oh, well, maybe it was production.’ She was skirting around the issues. She admitted she should not have said that, she was terrified,” said the mother of one. “Jen was already on the show for three years. This was different than Monica because Jen was already on the show for three years. The women were stuck with her. There was no getting rid of her.”

Katsanevas also stated that she believed the difference between Garcia and Gay was that the latter had apologized for her actions.

“Heather had regrets. And apologized. And Monica did not,” said Katsanevas.

Andy Cohen Discussed Monica Garcia’s Exit

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Bravo producer Andy Cohen, who moderated the RHOSLC season 4 reunion, suggested that Garcia’s less-than-apologetic behavior was what caused her to not get asked back to the series. In the January 20 episode of his radio show, “Andy Cohen Live,” he stated that he believed “Monica had the opportunity to not only explain herself to the audience, but way more importantly in this case, to the other women” during the season 4 reunion.

“I don’t think she successfully swayed any of them to her side,” said Cohen.

He also noted that the entire RHOSLC cast expressed that they would not be comfortable filming with her again.

“[Garcia is] obviously really compelling television. Maybe she’ll be able to build some inroads with some of the women, off camera. And we’ll see if that happens,” continued Cohen.

Monica Garcia Shared Her Thoughts About Heather Gay

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Garcia discussed her former RHOSLC co-stars in a January 2024 interview with The Cut. The mother of four suggested she was upset that Gay did not receive more criticism about her black eye.

“They said I lied for ‘months,’ but really, I was just getting to know them. I didn’t have existing relationships with them,” said Garcia. “But Heather lied to their faces. Lied to production, lied to investigators, lied to producers, lied to Andy Cohen. Lied to the fans for over a year. She has existing relationships with these people — but I am being completely massacred.”

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