Counter-Strike fan turned down £5.5 million to promote skin gambling sites

Counter-Strike 2 skins are big business (Picture: Steam)

YouTuber Heyzeus reveals he turned down millions to promote Counter-Strike 2 gambling sites, in order to maintain his reputation.

Despite being a free-to-play game, Valve’s Counter-Strike 2 is very profitable because of its loot boxes with weapon skins that fans are willing to pay hundreds of thousands for.

It’s not worth the chase though, as the world record holder for most case openings said ‘it should be illegal’, after opening 6,500 cases and losing £13,000 in the process.

The skins are also profitable at third party sites, where fans can bet their skins for bigger rewards, similar to roulette. Now another Counter-Strike 2 YouTuber, Heyzeus, has revealed just how much money he would’ve made if he accepted sponsorships from these sites.

Heyzeus posted a video on YouTube, to his 423,000 subscribers, where he explained that from 2019 to 2023 he would’ve made $6.9 (£5.5 million) if he accepted the deals offered to him, worth as much as $500,000 (£400,000) a month.

The content creator said he was offered many deals throughout the four year period, ranging from the first offer of $500 (£400) per video, plus a fee if anyone signed up to the third party site, to $200,000 a month (£160,000) and the aforementioned £400,000 a month payment.

Heyzeus said he rejected the first offers so as to not ruin his reputation, but said that he understands why some accept the lucrative deals, saying:

‘It’s a lot of money. People say think about the kids [that are using skins to gamble] but if you’re making the content, you can’t see those kids.

‘What you can see though, is the life-changing effects of the money on your own mind. And this is why so many people can’t say no.’

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Heyzeus is not even the biggest Counter-Strike 2 creator around, as he’s far behind the likes of Anomaly, Warowl, and Ceh9 in terms of subscribers and views on YouTube – so they could demand even more money from such sponsorship deals.

Gambling your Counter-Strike 2 skins on third party sites has been a controversial topic for many years now but publisher Valve seems content to let it continue, at least for now.

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