Derek Hough Releases Footage of Dance That Never Aired on DWTS

“Dancing with the Stars” judge Derek Hough has performed on the show many times over the years, often sharing pieces he has choreographed himself. There is one dance, however, he prepared and did not have the opportunity to perform on camera. Now, he has given DWTS fans a chance to see it.

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Derek Hough Shared ‘Rough Concept’ of Dance With Hayley Erbert

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On November 4, Hough shared a video on his Instagram page with the never-before-seen piece. “Last season we were supposed to perform this piece on @dancingwiththestars,” he explained. Hough continued, “But unfortunately the day before @hayley.erbert injured her shoulder.”

The “Dancing with the Stars” judge noted, “This was the rough concept we put together in our garage. I hope you enjoy the raw rehearsal footage for ‘chasing cars.’” As Hough noted, the song they planned to use for the performance was the Tommee Profitt song “Chasing Cars.”

Hough’s fellow “Dancing with the Stars” judge Carrie Ann Inaba commented, “I love it!”

Several of Hough’s Instagram followers pleaded with him to incorporate the piece into the tour he is currently doing with Erbert. Others suggested it was a dance that still needed to be done somewhere, somehow.

“YOU HAVE TO DO THIS LIVE,” one fan commented.

Another fan questioned, “Beautiful! Will you be performing it this season instead?”

A similar comment read, “🙌🙌🙌Can you do it this year???”

Hough Felt the Dance Still Needed Finessing

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Hough labeled the video he shared “Part 1,” and in a follow-up comment, he promised “Part 2” was coming. So far, unfortunately, that second part has not been posted yet.

The “Dancing with the Stars” judge further explained, “You can tell it still needed a little finessing and the camera work would’ve really helped enhance the movement and artistry.”

He also suggested, “But sometimes the rough and raw glimpse can be moving too.” “Dancing with the Stars” fans definitely agreed with that take.

“Absolutely breathtaking. We all love how you two share your love!! You’re such a good dancer with anyone, but with @hayley.erbert now that’s something heavenly that sends out blessings,” one follower commented.

Another follower concurred. “WOW WOW. 🙌🏻🤩 No wonder you two fell in love. The way your bodies move with each other is unreal. Beyond beautiful dancers!! 🥰”

“I hope you two are still making dancing videos together when you’re 90 🥰 love watching your choreography together,” someone else added.

Erbert & Hough Have Performed Together on DWTS

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Although “Dancing with the Stars” fans have not had the opportunity to see Hough and Erbert perform their “Chasing Cars” piece together, they do partner for routines frequently. Erbert used to be a troupe member for the show, and she has returned a few times to do pieces with Hough.

In fact, Hough was nominated for an Emmy Award for the choreography he created for a “Dancing with the Stars” performance. He shared a video showing part of it on his Instagram page in July, and Erbert danced with him.

The routine was set to a Michael Buble song, and it incorporated most of the other “Dancing with the Stars” pros too. Fans went wild over the performance, and fellow former pro Witney Carson commented, “Congrats! I’m sorry but HAYLEY IN THIS 😍😍😍😍🔥🔥🔥🔥.”

A fan raved, “This was and still is the BEST performance ever seen on tv!! The song, the singer, the choreography, the dancers… PERFECTION!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️”

As their fans know, Hough and Erbert got married to one another in August. Given that, it seems likely “Dancing with the Stars” fans have plenty of additional performances from the husband and wife team to look forward to in the future.

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