Dr. Jill Biden wore a custom velvet Schiaparelli to the state dinner in Paris

President Joe Biden and First Lady Dr. Jill Biden traveled to France last week for the 80th anniversary of D-Day. Instead of returning to America right after, they stayed in France and the Macrons hosted them for a more lowkey state visit. There was a state dinner and Dr. Biden and Madame Macron did some events together this weekend.

First, let’s talk about the state dinner! Dr. Biden wore a custom Schiaparelli gown in blue velvet with a white satin sash and train. Someone argued that the sash was unnecessary, but that’s bizarre – it just would have been a plain velvet dress? I’m actually surprised that Sciaparelli made something so normal and conservative for the American First Lady, but I do like the sash and I appreciate that Dr. Biden wore French couture. I always think Jill has snazzy style, honestly. I haven’t seen an ID on Madame Macron’s dress but I honestly like her style too. Everything looks appropriately tailored, she favors streamlined, clean looks.

Dr. Biden also wore a white Schiaparelli dress for her daytime events with Brigitte Macron. As you can see, Jill and Brigitte are quite friendly, so much so that they think nothing of holding each other’s hands and showing genuine warmth. Was this a subtle-yet-pointed gesture towards Queen Camilla, who refused to hold Madame Macron’s hand at the British Normandy Memorial? Hm.

BESTIES at the Foundation Louis Vuitton pic.twitter.com/dEw6XpE5TF

— GeorgiaPeach OG Biden Babe (@ChrisFromGA68) June 8, 2024

Photos courtesy of Cover Images.

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