DWTS Alum Feels She’s Been Pregnant For Years With Baby Due ‘Any Day Now’


“Dancing with the Stars” alum is due to welcome a new child to her family any day now. Jessie James Decker is expecting her fourth child, a boy, and she took to Instagram to share a few updates.

Here’s what you need to know:

Jessie James Decker Made Light of Still Being Pregnant

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On January 30, Decker took to her Instagram page to joke about the fact she was still pregnant. The video she included features her prominent baby bump as she went along with a popular social media meme. In the caption of her post, she wrote, “‘I feel like she’s been pregnant for 3 years’ … yeah samesies.”

The season 31 “Dancing with the Stars” alum has not revealed her exact due date. However, she has shared a tour of the baby’s nursery and has indicated the new family member will join them very soon. Fans have been guessing on potential names Decker has chosen for the baby, and they’re eager to find out if they were right.

Decker’s Instagram followers got a kick out of her post, and some agreed it does seem like she has been pregnant for a long time. Many noted, however, that they thought she looked fabulous.

One commenter wrote, “Omg you’re still pregnant? 😘 😆”

“I hope if I get pregnant one day I look half as good as you do queen,” gushed a fan.

“I said this exact thing and then read the caption 💀😂,” joked another.

“Pretty much every day I’m like ‘oh look she’s still preggers,’” quipped someone else.

Decker Is Confident This Baby Will Be Her Last

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The following day, on January 31, Decker answered some follower’s questions via her Instagram Stories. She noted she was heading out to a doctor’s appointment, and she was “Hoping they tell me that there’s been some movement going on, a little somethin’-somethin’, it’d be nice to know.”

One question she made time to respond to came from a fan wondering if she might want one more child after this. Decker and her husband already have a daughter, Vivianne Rose, 9, along with two sons. Eric “Bubby” Thomas is 8, and Forrest Brady is 5.

The former “Dancing with the Stars” contestant seemed definitive in her answer.

“This is definitely our last baby,” Decker replied. She continued, “We feel very complete at this point.”

She added a bit of context for people after that. “Listen, I felt complete-ish before. I would have been so good with three, but I will say, there was always this little voice in the back of my head being like, ‘There might be one more, one more in there.’”

Decker also admitted she thinks the desire for one more child played into why her husband kept canceling appointments to get a vasectomy. “I think that he felt like we weren’t done,” she noted.

At this point, they both seem confident their fourth child will be their last. Decker said, “But now, we both equally are like, ‘Yes. We are absolutely done. Our wolf pack is complete. We’ve got four kids, three dogs, we’re good.’”

The “Dancing with the Stars” alum did not provide an update after her doctor’s appointment about whether the baby seems ready to arrive. However, in the caption of a separate January 31 Instagram post, she wrote, “Any day now. We can’t wait to meet you sweet baby boy.”

Decker has had a fun baby shower and showed the nursery is ready. All that is missing is her new baby boy, and his arrival seems imminent.





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