DWTS Pro Is Ready to Compete on a Different Show: ‘Count Me In’

If Fox green lights a second season of “Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test,” there’s a “Dancing With the Stars” pro who wants to be cast. After watching the finale of the show’s first season, Lindsay Arnold revealed that she’d like to be a part of the show in the future.

On her Instagram Stories on March 5, 2023, Arnold said that she would really like to be on the show — when she’s not pregnant.

“I’m already, like, yes I’m pregnant right now, but if they do another season and I’m not pregnant anymore? I seriously want to do it. Like, I want to be on that show. So, ‘Special Forces’? I’m coming for ya. Count me in after baby,” she said.

The first season of “Special Forces” saw 16 recruits take on challenges “from the playbook of the Special Forces selection process,” according to the show’s official description. A few former DWTS competitors took part in the show, including Melanie Brown, Kate Gosselin, Hannah Brown, and Kenya Moore. Other competitors included athletes such as NFL star Danny Amendola, Olympian Gus Kenworthy, former MLB catcher Mike Piazza, and former soccer star Carli Lloyd.

Here’s what you need to know:

Lindsay Arnold Says She’s ‘So Proud’ of Hannah Brown

“Special Forces” doesn’t crown a winner at the end of the season. The goal of the show is for the ex-special forces operatives to feel completely confident in the abilities of one recruit that they would want them by their side in the military. On season 1, both Hannah Brown and Carli Lloyd were chosen.

“Honestly, I think this was the first time I didn’t let failure define me. That I was able to accept it, move one, and keep believing in myself. In my life, I have let any mistakes and missteps taunt me and stifle me from going all in because I feared every ‘what if’ imaginable. But now, I take with me the courage to keep fighting through the fears. I give myself the permission to turn up that quiet confidence, and turn down the doubt and self sabotaging. I came in believing I was weak, but proved to myself I was strong,” Hannah Brown captioned an Instagram post after the season finale aired.

After Arnold watched, she shared a message to Hannah Brown on her Instagram Stories.

“So, I finally got around to watching the finale of ‘Special Forces’ on Fox. Literally the best show if you haven’t watched it. I have been hooked,” Arnold said. “I’m so proud of my girl, Hannah. She freaking crushed it. Like, I knew she would but it’s just so cool to see her do this thing. It’s been so fun,” she continued.

Lindsay Arnold’s Future on ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Is Up in the Air

In August 2022, Arnold confirmed that she would not be taking part in season 31 of “Dancing With the Stars.” In a candid Instagram caption, she said that it was best for her and her family if she stayed in Utah, where her husband, Sam Cusick, works. At the time, Arnold was not pregnant.

“We exhausted every option we could think of to make it work but at the end of the day none of the options felt good in my heart or felt like the right thing for our lives right now,” she wrote, adding, “We are also trying to grow our family and that in itself is a complicated logistical thing as I’m sure many of you understand.”

In October 2022, Arnold told E! News that she’s not closing her DWTS chapter just yet.

“I’ll never say never to ‘Dancing with the Stars’, it is part of who I am. It’s part of what kind of made me and I love it. That door will never be closed. There’s always going to be family to me and we’ll see what happens in the future,” she said.

Arnold is due with her second baby in May 2023. While it’s possible that she will be feeling up to competing on season 32, it doesn’t seem likely, based on her reasoning for sitting out season 31. With two little ones at home, it will be even more difficult for Arnold to justify leaving her husband and moving to Los Angeles for a couple of months.

As far as “Special Forces” goes, she would need to leave home for a couple of weeks to film. The cast of season 1 filmed in Jordan in the summer of 2022.

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