Emotional DWTS Alum Admits He Lied to His Wife Before She Died

Season 27 “Dancing With the Stars” alum John Schneider has given his very first interview following the tragic death of his wife, Alicia Allain Schneider.

Allain Schneider died in February 2023 following a cancer diagnosis. In an interview with People magazine, an emotional Schneider shared the final conversation he had with his wife — and the lie he told her before she took her last breath.

“I of course told her it was OK. ‘If you’re tired, if you want to go see your grandma, you want to go see your grandpa, if you want to go, then it’s OK. You go.’ And that was all the truth,” he told the outlet. “But then I lied, because I said, ‘Don’t worry about me; I’ll be OK.’ That was a lie I had to tell, but she knew it. OK is a long way away,” the “Dukes of Hazzard” star continued.

“The last thing I said to her was, ‘I love you desperately, and I’ve got multiple sets of very long-term plans for you.’ And that’s true, because eternity’s a very long time, and I believe it. I’m counting on it,” he added.

Here’s what you need to know:

John Schneider Is Still Struggling With the Death of His Wife

Allain Schneider was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2019. After treatment, the cancer went into remission, but in 2021, it returned — and it had metastasized.

In another part of his interview with People magazine, Schneider said that he’s having a hard time accepting that his wife is really gone.

“I miss every damn thing, every day. I have to get to the point where I look around and see where she is, not where she’s not. And I’m trying to do that, but that’s hard. Somehow I love her more every minute, but with that, somehow I miss her more every minute,” he told the outlet.

Schneider and his wife first met in October 2014. The two dated and ended up falling in love. They tied the knot in 2019 — after Allain Schneider’s diagnosis.

“I’m always shocked to see that there were people there because I only remember her,” he told People of his wedding day.

John Schneider Has Been Posting About His Wife on Social Media

Following his wife’s death, Schneider has been posting quite a bit on his official Facebook page. He shares photos and captions very regularly.

“This is a time of unimaginable sorrow for me. Grief is much too small a word. I’ve heard [it] said that ‘with great love comes great sorrow.’ I had no idea what that meant until now,” he wrote on Facebook on February 23, 2023.

A few days later, he posted on Facebook again.

“I simply have no words but… I miss you desperately Mrs. Schneider,” he captioned a photo on February 26, 2023.

More recently, Schneider has shared some additional posts about his late wife, turning some into love letters. They are addressed to “my smile” and signed by “me.”

“All… today is turning out to be a tough one. Please pray for comfort and repair for my shattered heart today. God has to take this grief today. It’s much too heavy. I miss you Mrs. Schneider,” he captioned a post on August 26, 2023.

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