Erika Jayne Warns Annemarie Wiley About Onscreen Comments

“The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” newest cast member Annemarie Wiley hit the ground running in her first season as a Housewife, engaging in fights with co-stars Sutton Stracke and Crystal Kung Minkoff in her first few episodes on the show.

Wiley found herself in the hot seat again in the January 24 episode of the show “Tapas and Tattletales”. While in Spain on a girls’ trip, Wiley tried to mend fences with Stracke, who mentioned that she was upset by one of Wiley’s previous comments, “I’m gonna wake up in the morning to my amazing children and my amazing husband and my amazing life and thank god that I’m not lonely and I’m not insecure,” insinuating Stracke was lonely.

Wiley and her co-stars addressed the comment in the RHOBH After Show posted to YouTube on January 24. “Yeah, I said that, I was mad,” Wiley shared.

While everybody was given a chance to chime in, cast member Erika Jayne issued a warning to Wiley, saying, “Right now everything’s great for Annemarie, but s*** could turn out bad later. You never know how it could turn out. You could be single and lonely too. It’s just a matter of time for all of us.”

Fans Weigh in on Annemarie Wiley’s ‘Lonely’ Comments

Despite Jayne’s warning, Wiley maintains that her marriage to her husband and former NFL player Marcellus is in a good place. She boasted on the show that one of the reasons her husband fell in love with her “is because he’s like ‘You’re an 8-and-a-half [out of 10] at everything,” something she takes as a “badge of honor.”

Although Wiley apologized in Spain, Stracke still had thoughts to share about Wiley’s “lonely” comments in the RHOBH After Show, telling co-star Garcelle Beauvais, “She obviously has gotten information from someone who I’m guessing is the one who brought her on the show. Who she knows, who she’s friends with, and that person is Kyle [Richards].”

“The reason I felt bad for Sutton in that moment,” Richards shared in the After Show, “is A, I knew it was directed towards her. And B, I don’t think of you as lonely. I don’t know I felt maybe Garcelle does [feel lonely] at times, that’s why she’s looking for a partner in life. With Sutton, I do feel that she actually is lonely, so that made me feel bad.”

Fans chimed in to the YouTube comment sections with their thoughts on the After Show, with one user writing, “Please forgive me but I think Annemarie is insufferable,” and another adding, “Annemarie is such a pick me girl and she drives me NUTS. Who thought hiring her was a good idea? I literally cringe whenever she talks. She’s trying so hard to have an iconic housewife moment and it’s not gonna happen.”

“Is Sutton only just getting this? Kyle has sold her out the last three seasons. It’s only now cause it’s actually on camera that they are all getting it. You could tell when Diana started that people had been in her ear about Sutton. More positively, I love Garcelle and Sutton together. They are so funny,” another user commented.

Annemarie Wiley Comes to Crystal Kung Minkoff’s Aid

Even though her co-star Minkoff called Wiley a “bitch” and said that Wiley claimed to be an anesthesiologist when they first met (despite being a nurse anesthetist), Wiley was quick to jump in when Minkoff was experiencing a medical emergency.

At the end of the January 24 episode of RHOBH, Minkoff was seen getting carsick and feeling unwell as the group drove up a winding road to visit a church. The group had to stop driving while Minkoff got air, and Wiley was quick to sit with her castmate and assess her symptoms while the producers got her water.

In a sneak peek of the January 31 episode of the show, Annemarie said in a confessional, “Given Crystal repeatedly insulting and degrading my profession, the irony of what is happening right now is literally shocking.”

An ambulance was called and Crystal, whose blood pressure spiked, was taken to the hospital along with the show’s medic, and prepared to meet up with the group later in the day when she was feeling better.

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