Fans Rally Around Heather Rae El Moussa After She Exposes Online Trolls

Online hate continues to be problematic for HGTV stars trying to share peeks into their personal lives, shows, and home projects with fans. In recent weeks, “Home Town” stars Erin and Ben Napier have addressed the many “rude” comments they’ve recently received about their renovations, and “Fixer to Fabulous” star Jenny Marrs questioned why so many people nitpick at every aspect of her life, from her faith to her farm.

Now Heather Rae El Moussa of “The Flipping El Moussas” has attempted to clap back at the haters in another way. In an Instagram post on April 30, 2024, she showcased some of the comments she’s recently received, with people “hating on me” as she juggles being a mom, wife, real estate investor, designer, and social media influencer.

“Social media can be a double-edged sword,” she wrote on Instagram, where she has 3.1 million followers. “While it offers connectivity and community, it also presents a platform for comparison and negativity.”

Heather Rae El Moussa Posts Mean Comments She’s Recently Received

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In her latest post, Heather shared a video of her dancing in the kitchen with her one-year-old son Tristan, who she shares with husband and longtime HGTV star Tarek El Moussa. Wearing her pajamas with Tristan in her arms, in a t-shirt and a diaper, she stirred something on the stovetop and bopped around with her little guy with text across the screen that said, “Imagine hating on me and I’m just at home like…”

Dozens of examples of comments she’s received then popped up on the screen, including:

“She’s annoying and he’s downright goofy looking! 🤮”
“Funny how pathetic she sounds…Tarek trained. 🤣😢”
“Don’t think that was a nice look. Too flashy and sophisticated at all. Trashy.”
“Could you please PLEase PLEASE stop acting so phony. Your smile is fake.”
“He looks like a monkey and her voice is annoying.”

In the caption of the short video, Heather wrote that while navigating the ups and downs of social media, “your perspective and how you engage with it is so important.”

“I hope you guys don’t have to deal with this,” she added, “but if you have I’m sending you all the love.💌”

Fans quickly rushed to Heather’s defense and marveled at her ability to plow ahead despite all the negativity.

One wrote, “I have no idea how you do it! Actually I’re an amazing human being.. I would take revenge 😈 😂😂”

Another quipped, “We love an unbothered queen”

Someone else commented, “Imagine having the time to go out of your way and try to bring someone down … keep doing you ❤️”

But when one person noted that the reason people leave mean comments is that they’re “just jealous,” someone replied, “There are a lot of reasons, and jealousy is often ONE reason, but not the ONLY reason. Criticism of anyone might not be polite, but that doesn’t mean it’s never justified, because sometimes it is. Many influencers label all criticism as ‘hate’ as their excuse to dismiss it without ever looking within themselves to see if some of it is valid.”

To that, someone countered, “but to speak poorly about someone’s looks or criticism in a mean and nasty way is NEVER EVER ok.”

Heather Rae El Moussa Has Not Been Afraid to Clap Back at Haters With Direct Comments

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This is not the first time Heather or Tarek have responded to their online “haters” head-on. Both have grown used to seeing backlash from fans over their designs, family dynamics, fashions, lifestyle, and more.

In fact, her post came several days after she responded directly to other mean comments that were left on a post in which she shared photos from her and Tarek’s recent getaway to Cabo, featuring her modeling her bathing suit and cover up.

“Cabo, you will be missed,” she captioned the post, “but it feels so good to be back home with the kids & back to work. 🤍💌”

When one person commented, “Back to work!?? Bahahahahahahahahhahahahahaa ok whatevs,” Heather decided to respond.

“I have a question why you think that that is so funny,” she clapped back. “Yes, I work. I film a TV show, I flip houses currently flipping 14 houses. I own companies and I’m an investor. Plus I could keep going and naming much more. So check yourself.”

In the spring 2023 edition of the British digital magazine Blush, Heather said, “I get a lot of hate in general, for so many things, and you’re not going to please everybody. Plus I don’t post things just for other people, I post things for myself.”

“I’ve never been the type of girl to have a ton of drama,” she added.

However, she will stick up for her friends if they get bullied online. When Heather was expecting Tristan and posted photos from her baby shower, many people criticized her friends for being too glamorous or scantily clad for the event. The following day, she took it upon herself to address the naysayers directly.

“Seeing a lot of negative comments, and I just don’t understand why so many people choose to live with such negativity and tear people down when the day was so perfect,” she wrote. “Who cares what my friends wore?? They are all beautiful and I want them to feel empowered. And no it wasn’t a ‘normal baby shower’ but what’s normal anymore….?? Truly let’s just lift each other up and stop with the mean comments tearing a woman down. Isn’t there enough hate in the world already??”

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