Fans Think a DWTS Champ & Her Rumored Boyfriend Hit a Big Event Together

A previous “Dancing with the Stars” champion still has not officially hard-launched her new romance, but she seems to be hinting heavily at it. Season 29 champ Kaitlyn Bristowe is rumored to be dating Zac Clark, who was the “winner” of Tayshia Adams’ season of “The Bachelorette.”

The pair has not done a “hard launch” of their romance yet, but weekend social media posts seem to signal they’re getting closer to taking that step.

Here’s what you need to know:

Kaitlyn Bristowe & Zac Clark Both Attended the NFC Championship Game

Kaitlyn Bristowe and Zac Clark are both at Levi’s stadium for the NFC game.
byu/Dr_Wagerstein inthebachelor

On January 28, both Bristowe and Clark shared some glimpses of their evening via their respective Instagram Stories. Bristowe shared she was a “Big lions guy today” in her first story, and she was decked out and ready to cheer the Detroit Lions on in the NFC Championship game.

Another story of Bristowe’s showed the view from the box where she was. Right in front of her was a plate with a hot dog on it, and there were two drinks just behind it. There were also blue and silver pom poms on either side of the drinks.

Bristowe’s pal and business partner Clio de la Llave was with her at the game, as the “Dancing with the Stars” champ tagged her and posted some photos that included her. That may have been who the drink belonged to, but fans still suspect Clark was with them too.

The “Dancing with the Stars” champion revealed she was attending the game with Taylor and Tay Lautner. However, some fans were quickly convinced there was at least one more person in the group.

After the game, Bristowe posted another story where she gave a shout-out to Lions fans. She also gushed over the Lautners, writing, “Thank you for having us.”

None of Bristowe’s Instagram Stories showed Clark. However, he shared an Instagram Story himself, and he was at the game as well.

One fan posted screenshots of the two photos on Reddit and wrote, “Are they in the same box? The camera angles certainly suggest so!”

Clark & Bristowe Have Been Spending Time Together

Video of Kaitlyn and Zac dancing (from Deuxmoi)
byu/MustBeFateMulder inthebachelor

Neither Clark nor Bristowe is from California, where the NFC Championship game was held. Bristowe is from Canada, and she currently lives in Nashville, Tennessee. Clark grew up in New Jersey, noted Us Weekly, and he currently lives in New York City.

One Redditor noted that Clark “is also friends with the Lautners even outside of Kaitlyn. He was one of their first podcast guests and in their 2023 recap, they mentioned that Zach (sic) was one of their favorite guests and he’s now a good friend of theirs. So him being with them wouldn’t be a stretch.”

Another Redditor commented, “Yeah they’re definitely at least seeing each other casually.”

“They definitely are hanging out and I think it’s really not a big deal at all,” wrote another poster.

Whether Clark and Bristowe attended the game together or just coincidentally both happened to attend, the two are known to be spending time together. Videos showing Clark attending Bristowe’s New Year’s Eve bash made the rounds on social media, and she was spotted with him in New York recently as well.

The New Year’s Eve “soft launch” of Bristowe and Clark’s potential romance did prompt some backlash from fans. The two have not yet confirmed they are dating. Despite that, all signs point to the pair getting pretty cozy with one another lately.

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