Fans Think Ashley Iaconetti Accidentally Revealed Her Baby’s Gender

Former “Bachelor in Paradise” couple Ashley Iaconetti and Jared Haibon are expecting their second baby. The couple had previously told fans that they were ready to expand their family, and on January 22 they revealed that Iaconetti was pregnant. Now, some Bachelor Nation fans think she slipped and accidentally revealed the baby’s gender already.

Here’s what you need to know:

Ashley Iaconetti Referred to the Baby as ‘He’ During Her Podcast

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During the January 23 episode of Ben Higgins’ and Iaconetti’s podcast “Almost Famous,” the former “Bachelor in Paradise” stars talked about her pregnancy. Iaconetti and Haibon already have one son, Dawson.

Iaconetti shared, “It doesn’t have a name, by the way. We have no names picked out for this kid, thought we may have had a name, but no. So, we’re not revealing whether it’s a girl or a boy, that reveal will come later.”

She explained they had a very specific goal in terms of the age difference between their two children. “We knew we wanted the kid to be, ideally, two and a half years apart from Dawson because Jared and I are two and a half years apart from our siblings and that was a big deal for me.”

The “Bachelor in Paradise” star continued, “We are so happy that this kid will be two and a half years, exactly, like, crazy, like almost to Dawson’s half birthday. I think he’s like basically due on Dawson’s half-birthday.”

The fact that Iaconetti used “he” while referring to the baby she is carrying did not go unnoticed by listeners.

The ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Star Has Admitted She’d Love to Have a Girl

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Iaconetti recently told Heavy she would like to have a girl. As People noted in August, the “Bachelor in Paradise” star opened up about the gender disappointment she experienced with Dawson.

During an episode of the “Almost Famous” podcast, Iaconetti admitted during her pregnancy with Dawson, she “had a feeling” she was not carrying a girl. Even with that feeling, she admitted, “I had such gender disappointment with Dawson.”

During that podcast, however, she also noted she “doesn’t care so much” about whether her second baby is a boy or a girl. “I’d be happy if we had a boy too because then I’d want them to have that, hopefully, brother bond.”

Bachelor Nation fans took to Reddit to talk about the reference Iaconetti made to the baby being male.

The Redditor who initially shared the podcast clip wrote, “She definitely says ‘he’ at the 5:56-minute mark, right? And they said earlier in the podcast that they know the sex already. A little brother for Dawson would be cute!”

Another Redditor noted, “I was thinking it was a boy because she mentioned that they weren’t really sure on names. I know it’s super early to name a baby but I can’t imagine that Ashley wouldn’t have a girl’s name picked out already!”

Someone else suggested that “It’s also possible it’s out of habit” that Iaconetti referenced the baby as “he.”

A separate Reddit comment read, “Sure sounds like a slip up to me! Congrats! Two brothers will be wild and cute!”

A few Redditors wondered why they didn’t edit out the “he” reference, or possibly take out the mention of wanting a girl if they already know they’re having another boy. Others noted that Iaconetti previously said she didn’t care about the baby’s gender as much as the pregnancy with Dawson.

The couple will likely do an official gender reveal relatively soon, and Bachelor Nation will be eager to see if the “he” reference was an accidental slip of the baby’s actual gender or not.

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