Former ‘Housewives’ Star Supports Castmate Amidst Suspension By Bravo

“The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Kandi Burruss may have left the franchise at the end of season 15 in 2023, but she’s still speaking her mind about the drama, both on and off camera. In a clip from a recent appearance on the “Yung Joc & The Streetz Morning Takeover” radio show, shared to the show’s Instagram page on June 21, Burruss shared her take on former co-star Kenya Moore’s recent suspension, which Bravo issued during the filming of season 16.

“You know what? Right now I’m like, ‘Okay, it’s good I ain’t there,’ but Cynthia [Bailey]’s like, once the show actually airs, she says Imma miss it then,” Burruss said. “I don’t miss it so much now. And realistically I do see stuff and I’m like ‘Why they doing that?’ Like I don’t like the fact that they suspended Kenya. I know a lot of people’s like, ‘She shouldn’t have shown that,’ but this is ‘Housewives’.”

Kandi Burruss Disagrees With Bravo’s Decision

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Moore was suspended after a filmed event at her Kenya Moore Hair Spa business, where she allegedly revealed posters featuring explicit images of her new co-star Brittany Eady. Eady was not present at the event, however she caught wind of the reveal prior to Bravo’s official suspension ruling, and she and Moore both took to social media with responses.

“Thank you to everyone who has reached out to me about what took place at the event yesterday. I am still processing the nasty, low, disgusting, vile things that was done to try to hurt me. BULLYING and revenge porn is never okay,” Eady wrote in an Instagram story at the time.

Moore, for her part, denied any revenge porn claims, tweeting, “I would never engage in revenge porn, I have never distributed private images or footage of anyone, nor solicited images owned by others to use to threaten or blackmail. I have always been vindicated. I can’t talk about STORY even with people planting fake news #sweet16 🔥.”

Burruss, through it all, felt the network was too hard in their ruling, adding on-air, “How many times we done did something that you think somebody shouldn’t do? So, who made the rules? Why y’all all of a sudden have such an issue with somebody doing something crazy to somebody?”

Nevertheless, Burruss is keeping an open mind about the forthcoming 16th season of RHOA, adding, “I just wasn’t feeling all that but we’ll see when it comes on TV.”

What Did Kenya Moore Say When Kandi Burruss Left RHOA?

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Moore opened up about Burruss’ departure from the franchise in a February 2024 interview with Entertainment Tonight, telling the outlet, “Once she told me that she had made the decision not to return I was like, ‘Are you sure? Really think about this. Are you sure? You know, you’ve been there for 14 consecutive years…’ and she is so loved and so well-respected, and I think once she made the decision, it was really clear she felt good about the decision. I said, ‘You know what? I’m gonna stand by you. If that’s what you really want, and that’s where your heart takes you, I’m all for it.’”


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