Games Inbox: Characters in a new Marvel Vs. Capcom, Metroid Prime 4 FPS, and XDefiant decline

Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 – who would you pick for the next one? (Capcom)

The Monday letters page struggle to understand the logic behind the PSVR2, as one reader doesn’t want to replay Gex and Bubsy Bobcat.

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Beyond infinity
We all know how Capcom loves a good crossover and now they have the Marvel licence back, can it really be that long before we get a new Marvel Vs. Capcom? Infinite didn’t go down well but it was low budget and held back because Marvel didn’t own the Fox film rights then. But now they do, so not only can it have X-Men in it but Marvel will probably be pushing for it.

So you can have Wolverine, Cyclops, Cable, Magneto, Colossus, Gambit, Iceman, Juggernaut, Psylocke, Rogue, Sabertooth, Sentinel, Storm, an all the others that have appeared in the original games.

But there’s also a lot of characters that have come and gone in popularity in the last 25 years, so I’d expect to see Deadpool, Phoenix, X-23 carry through from Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 and then maybe Magik, Mystique, Armor, Bishop, Sync, and Kid Omega.

The Capcom side of things is more straightforward, but I hope they delve into older games as well as just new ones. I’m sure there’s some way they could work out characters from 1942, Commando, or Forgotten Worlds. I love it when Capcom get obscure and I’m hoping they can go all out with a new game, if it happens.

Limited interest
I was looking at the new games announced for Limited Run Games physical editions and some of the choices are so bizarre to me. Is there really enough people out there that like Gex and Bubsy to want to buy hyper-expensive port compilations? I though Bubsy Bobcat was a literally joke, as the very worst of the Sonic wannabe animal mascots?

I realise nostalgia is a thing, but this seems to be taking it to extremes. I remember playing some of these games back in the 90s and they were terrible then, so I’d hate to think how they play now.

I guess it’s not hurting anyone but I often wish people were as passionate about playing new and original games as they are whatever rubbish they happen to have bene bought as kids. Nostalgia is a drug and a lot of drugs are bad for you.

A is A
Here’s an interesting point of pedantry: is Metroid Prime a first person shooter? Obviously the 2D games are Metroidvanias, hence the name, but I don’t think anyone watching the trailer of 4 would assuming it was anything other than a shooter. Those that have played the other games know that’s not true, but it seems a bit lacking to just call it a Metroidvania.

I’m surprised genre labels have lasted this long to be honest, as they’re clearly no longer relevant in a lot of cases. You barely get them in movies either. Maybe specific things like comedy and horror but everything else is just what it is.

GC: We wouldn’t call it a first person shooter. Shooting is not the focus and you barely have to aim.

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Day whenever
There are two games I want this year. This is the first time I’ve only bought two games in a 12 month span. First one has to be Assassin’s Creed Shadows but I won’t be buying it day one, like I normally do. I’ll be waiting a few months, not because I can’t afford it yet but I’m feed up of buying them day one for £70 and a few weeks later they’re half price or better, which to me is a joke. With some players knocking it before it’s out it might drop even faster in price, so I’ll wait for that.

The second one is Astro Bot. I love the demo or whatever it was called, that you get free with the PlayStation 5, but I’m hoping Sony drop the price, which in all honesty they never do on their own games.

I’m not bothered about Call Of Duty: Black Ops 6 one bit. I’d of played it before because it’s Call Of DUty with a different skin on and then next year it’s GTA 6 and I really can’t wait for that that game. It’s going to be massive and sales are going to be something we have never seen before. Dare I say it, £2 billion in sales within the first 48 hours. I’m thinking I would pay £100 for that game.

GC: Astro’s Playroom wasn’t a demo, but elements of it are likely to be similar to the new game.

Strange priorities
I saw your article on Sony winding down the support for PlayStation VR2. I don’t understand the logic, business-wise or game-wise. You spend a fortune making, from what I’ve seen, a very good machine but you don’t support with games.

They did the same with the handheld business; they were brilliant, fantastic screens and great games but in no time games just stopped. Seems financial madness, if that’s your outlook then why make them in the first place?

GC: It’s a mystery. Dumping the PS Vita early can be put down to disagreements between Sony Japan and America but why Sony decided to prioritise the PlayStation VR2 so early in the PlayStation 5’s lifetime, with no plans for any first party games post-launch, is a mystery.

Bite the bullet
Interesting Reader’s Feature at the weekend, about the Xbox 360 being the zenith of gaming. I certainly have a lot of nostalgia for the console but I’m sure I’m not alone in being glad that games have become even more realistic and complex since then. As the reader points out though, that comes at a cost that may not be sustainable.

The problem is, what is the solution? To artificially keep all consoles at the same power as the Xbox 360 or just slightly above? Nobody’s going to do that, especially not with competing companies. The second Microsoft or Sony put out a lowered powered machine the other will do the opposite, which is partially what happened with the Xbox One and its ridiculous Kinect obsession.

The fact that Nintendo is sitting there proving that it absolutely can work to keep things the same (there was very little improvement from GameCube to Wii, so they’ve been at least a generation behind ever since) doesn’t seem to matter. It should but I just can’t see either Xbox or PlayStation doing it.

There’s so many ways out of the current situation but nobody seems willing to make the big decisions and it feels like they’re just making things worse by putting things off.

One year later
RE: Crime Boss: Rockay City. After GameCentral’s 3/10 score the game has had many updates and is very enjoyable now. To make it even better, all the DLC is now free for a limited time on all platforms.

Only downside is you have to restart the game.

Brief defiance
With so much talk about live service games at the moment I thought I’d mention my experience with Ubisoft’s XDefiant, which I found to be a really fun alternative to Call Of Duty at first and now… I haven’t played it for a week and probably will never go back to it. There’s nothing wrong with it, but while it is comparable to Call Of Duty it’s not necessarily any better than it in any way.

Call Of Duty being such a known quantity means not only that you know what you’re getting in for but that you’re kind of already in its ecosystem and not starting something from scratch. I think this is why things like Helldivers 2 and Palworld, and XDefiant, have fallen off so much after a few months. They’re decent but they’re not world beaters and they feel more like diversions from other, bigger games.

Fortnite and Apex Legends and whatever aren’t necessarily better games but they’re so well established nobody’s going to stop playing them for any serious amount of time in favour of something that’s not significantly better. That’s why we keep seeing these live service games do well for a few months and then fall away.

And does anyone think it’s going to be any better with Concord? Can anyone see themselves still playing that by the end of the year, let alone in 2034? If I was a developer the last thing I’d want to work on is a live service game, not just because it’s probably not what I got into gaming for but because there’s such a small chance it’ll be a hit.

Inbox also-rans
I like it when developers congratulate each other over doing well. I can really see CD Projekt and FromSoftware working well together too, if they did some kind off joint project. Maybe some new DLC?

Just to point out it was the 25th anniversary of Ape Escape last week. The only thing I can say that’s positive is that there’ll probably be a reference to it in the new Astro Bot?

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