Hallmark’s Kevin McGarry Spills Details on Upcoming Wedding With Kayla Wallace

While Kevin McGarry‘s “When Calls The Heart” character, Nathan Grant, navigates a budding romance with Erin Krakow‘s Elizabeth Thornton on the 11th season of the hit series, the Hallmark Channel star is, in real life, navigating wedding planning with his former WCTH co-star, Kayla Wallace.

The couple announced their engagement on Instagram in December 2022, but they’ve been so busy that wedding planning has taken a back seat. Wallace’s departure from WCTH was revealed during the season 11 opener on April 7, 2024, due to scheduling conflicts with other major acting gigs.

Though Wallace’s other roles may keep them from appearing on WCTH together for the foreseeable future, a wedding is still in the cards. In fact, McGarry spilled details of what’s to come during a recent interview, from what they’ll eat to who’s invited.

Kevin McGarry Admits He May Joke Around During Wedding Ceremony

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McGarry and Wallace first sparked romance rumors in November 2020, when he posted Polaroids of them together beside two coffee cups, with the caption “Photo evidence.” Soon after, a source close to the couple confirmed to Entertainment Tonight (ET) that they were dating.

During a Hallmark Channel Facebook Live in July 2023, Wallace revealed that she’d begun planning their nuptials but there was still lots of work to do.

She said, “I definitely have a vision, the planning is happening, I bought a dress! It’s an important part and I’ve got that down. But (we’re) just waiting to find a date that works with our schedules. In the near future — we’re very excited.”

But between McGarry’s lead role on WCTH and Wallace landing a starring role in Taylor Sheridan’s highly-anticipated series, “Landman,” the wedding hasn’t happened yet. However, during a recent chat with ET’s Deidre Behar, McGarry revealed a few details of what they’re planning.

Though they did consider a destination wedding, the groom-to-be said they’ve settled on marrying in Canada, where they’re both from and their families live. As for what he’ll wear, now that Wallace has her dress, he joked that he’d love “jogging pants,” but added he will likely be in a “classic tux” in whatever style and color his fiancée wants.

McGarry also said he’s “pretty sure” that the first time he sees his bride in her dress will be “when she walks down the aisle.” He also said they’ll exchange personally-written vows rather than traditional ones, and that he’s sure to add a little levity to the occasion.

“You know, you’ve got an audience,” he quipped. “You gotta throw a joke or two out there!”

Kevin McGarry Gives Insight Into Upcoming Wedding Reception

HallmarkKevin McGarry and Kayla Wallace in “My Grown-Up Christmas List”

After McGarry and Wallace exchange their vows in front of their friends and family, which he hinted will include “some familiar faces” from WCTH (very likely to include their close friends, Krakow and Ben Rosenblum), he’s looking forward to the reception, which he told ET will likely feature a sit-down dinner, wedding cake and live music rather than a DJ.

“I’m a fan of live music,” he told ET. “I’m a fan of artists coming in and playing.”

But there won’t be any choreographed first dance for the couple, who’ve also starred together in Hallmark’s “Feeling Butterflies” and “My Grown-Up Christmas List.” McGarry said he’s all for “freestyling” his dance moves rather than having to remember steps.

“It’s too much pressure,” he told ET. “Yeah, I need to just be in the moment.”

Given that he and Wallace are both musicians, McGarry said there’s a decent chance one or both of them will perform at the reception.

“That’s how it all started, you know, collaborating (on music),” he revealed to ET.

“There’s always a chance (of us performing),” he added. “Champagne, I imagine, is being served. We always play, we’ll play music together. We do that all the time.”

And once the wedding guests are gone and the night is over? McGarry said he and Wallace are more likely to honeymoon in a new city than a tropical location.

“I think both of us would rather go explore a city,” he told ET. “We’ve done the tropical stuff and it’s great. But we get, like, antsy after like three days of just sitting around. I didn’t spend all this money to come read! I wanna learn and eat different foods and talk to the people, but again — whatever Kayla wants!”

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