Hayden Panettiere Found Working on ‘Nashville’ Traumatizing

<p id=”par-1_39″><a href=”https://www.cheatsheet.com/tag/actors/”>Actor</a> Hayden Panettiere received a lot of attention and praise for starring in <a href=”https://www.cheatsheet.com/entertainment/hayden-panettieres-nashville-characters-pregnancy-was-sadly-like-her-own.html/”>the hit series <em>Nashville</em></a>. But she recently opened up about how challenging it was doing the show, especially when it was hitting too lose to home.</p>

<h2 id=”h-hayden-panettiere-recently-reflected-on-her-time-in-nashville”>Hayden Panettiere recently reflected on her time in ‘Nashville’</h2>

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<p id=”par-2_81″>Panettiere had the opportunity to star in another hit television series after <a href=”https://www.cheatsheet.com/entertainment/heroes-big-reveal-show-basically-ruined-hayden-panettiere-milo-ventimiglias-relationship.html/”>her breakthrough role in <em>Heroes</em></a>. The actor found herself portraying country singer Juliette Barnes on the hit CMT show <em>Nashville</em>. Fans of the show may remember Barnes as a country singer on the rise with a lot of baggage in her past. But Panettiere’s <em>Nashville </em>character also mirrored the actor a bit too well. Many of Barnes’ personal storylines, which included substance abuse, paralleled Panettiere’s own challenges as well.</p>

<p id=”par-3_95″>“Straight from the beginning, it was like, I’m dating a football player, [and then] Juliette dates a football player. And then they turned her into an alcoholic,” Panettiere recently told <a href=”https://themessenger.com/entertainment/hayden-panettiere-whether-she-regrets-acting-during-addiction-exclusive” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>The Messenger</a>. “Then they turned to her leaving her daughter and going to this crazy [place] in Europe, and it was very obvious … They weren’t doing their homework. They weren’t creating new storylines. They were just looking at my life and going, ‘Oh, let’s just take what she’s going through and put our little spin on it.’ And then, ta-da! It’s done and done.”</p>

<p id=”par-4_47″>It was mainly why Panettiere found doing the show as traumatizing as she did. Behind-the-scenes in <em>Nashville</em>, Panettiere’s battle with drug and alcohol addiction eventually took their toll on her. The actor wondered if she made the right decision staying on the show during her personal crisis.</p>

<p id=”par-5_42″>“I look back at it with curiosity more than anything,” she said. “If I hadn’t had done that — if I hadn’t accepted <em>Nashville </em>and had all that time to be involved with other projects — then where would I be now?”</p>

<h2 id=”h-why-hayden-panettiere-doesn-t-regret-her-past-battles-with-addiction”>Why Hayden Panettiere doesn’t regret her past battles with addiction</h2>

<figure class=”wp-block-embed is-type-video is-provider-youtube wp-block-embed-youtube wp-embed-aspect-16-9 wp-has-aspect-ratio” id=”emb-2″><div class=”wp-block-embed__wrapper”>
<iframe loading=”lazy” title=’Charles Esten And Hayden Panettiere Discuss “Nashville”‘ width=”925″ height=”520″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/SB3IE43zgYE?feature=oembed” frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture; web-share” allowfullscreen></iframe>

<p id=”par-6_55″>Panettiere’s drug and alcohol use were getting so bad that it began to impact her personal relationships as well. Shew confided that it caused a rift between herself and <a href=”https://www.cheatsheet.com/entertainment/is-hayden-panettiere-married.html/”>her ex-husband</a> at the time Wladimir Klitschko. Klitschko didn’t want to be near Panettiere, and she eventually sent <a href=”https://www.cheatsheet.com/entertainment/hayden-panettiere-touch-daughter-kaya-evdokia-klitschko.html/”>their own daughter Kayla</a> to live with him.</p>

<p id=”par-7_18″>“I’d think I hit rock bottom, but then there’s that trap door that opens,” she once told <a href=”https://people.com/tv/hayden-panettiere-opens-up-opioid-addiction-alcoholism/” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>People</a>.</p>

<p id=”par-8_13″>She was also told she sustained heavy liver damage from all the drinking.</p>

<p id=”par-9_14″>“I was no longer a 20-year-old who could just bounce right back,” she said.</p>

<p id=”par-10_50″>Eventually, Panettiere decided to truly put the work in to improve her physical and mental health. She spent months in rehab, and the 2020s have seen the actor’s career bounce back so far with <em>Scream VI</em>. But she asserted that her journey towards improvement hasn’t ended, and required constant maintenance.</p>

<p id=”par-11_37″> “It’s an everyday choice, and I’m checking in with myself all the time,” Panettiere said. “But I’m just so grateful to be part of this world again, and I will never take it for granted again.”</p>

<h2 id=”h-how-hayden-panettiere-felt-about-returning-to-acting”>How Hayden Panettiere felt about returning to acting</h2>

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<iframe loading=”lazy” title=”Hayden Panettiere Interview on Postpartum Depression, ‘Nashville'” width=”925″ height=”520″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/3sPoGal585w?feature=oembed” frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture; web-share” allowfullscreen></iframe>

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<p id=”par-12_35″>Panettiere’s return to <a href=”https://www.cheatsheet.com/entertainment/scream-6-hayden-panettiere-joins-cast-returning-scream-4-character.html/”>acting with <em>Scream VI</em></a>, she admitted, was a pretty anxious experience. But her nerves calmed down the longer she was on set, as she realized just how much she still loved acting.</p>

<p id=”par-13_46″>“I took some time off that was much needed, but acting is what I love to do. It’s who I am, it’s just a part of me. And being back on set, I felt like I was back home,” she said in an interview with <a href=”https://www.numeromag.nl/in-conversation-with-hayden-panettiere/#:~:text=The%20anticipation%20leading%20up%20to,like%20I%20was%20back%20home.” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>Numero</a>.</p>

<p id=”par-14_12″>Panettiere also went over everything she specifically missed about the film industry.</p>

<p id=”par-15_101″>“I missed the camaraderie,” she said. “I missed being around a team, a family. When you’re on a project, your co-stars and crew members and directors become your family for a period of time. And it’s like going into battle together. You create these incredible memories with each other that you just can’t explain to anyone else. I missed having those moments, walking away knowing that we worked really hard and we created something beautiful that was going to impact people and make them feel something. It’s a wonderful experience each and every film, each and every show that you do.”</p>

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