HGTV’s Christina Hall Denies Ex-Colleague’s Allegation: ‘Highly Offensive’

Longtime HGTV star Christina Hall wants to put a stop to a former colleague’s gossip about her, so she’s taken to social media to set the record straight.

Late on the night of January 25, 2024, Hall shared an Instagram photo of herself and her husband Josh Hall with a small group of their “Christina on the Coast” colleagues at an “impromptu work dinner.”

In the caption, Hall, 40, wrote that one of her coworkers recently alerted her to a rumor that a former employer had shared about her, alleging that Hall won’t work with other women — an accusation that the HGTV star called “highly offensive” and a “load of sh**.”

Here’s what you need to know:

Colleagues Come to Christina Hall’s Defense After Post

HGTVChristina Hall stars in “Christina on the Coast.”

Clearly upset about what she’d heard, Hall used her Instagram post to squash the rumor.

“Side note,” she wrote. “Recently a coworker of mine told me a former employer told him I refused to work with women because I was some sort of ?? Not sure what the word is because I don’t identify with whatever it is…”

Hall continued, “I’ve always worked with females so that’s a load of sh** and highly offensive. My current ‘Christina on the Coast’ team is the most fun and on point it’s ever been and I see a lot of females here. So to those who love to throw stones that’s just your own internal struggle ✌🏼.”

The photo Hall shared featured her and her husband surrounded by five colleagues who’ve been working on season 5 of “Christina on the Coast” in recent days — including three women. The coworkers out to dinner with them were director Anna Moulaison, producer Bobby Schermerhorn, interior designer and design producer Kylie Wing, design expert and co-star James Bender, and producer Bonnie Davis.

Another member of Hall’s team, makeup artist Julia Gonzales, replied to Hall’s post by writing, “They only hate you cuz they ain’t you! Remember we are trying to up our haters by summertime 😂😂 😂🔥🔥🔥🔥 love you”

Hall responded to Gonzales, who has posted glimpses on Instagram of the recent “Christina on the Coast” shoot at Hall’s Orange County home. She wrote, “good point 🤣”

On January 26, Hall also shared a post in her Instagram Stories from Laura Mae Socks, a Nashville-based producer on Hall’s other HGTV show, “Christina in the Country.”

“I would like to say that as a woman, who has been one of the producers on a @christinahall show for the last two years, I’d LOUDLY say she is highly supportive of me in every area of my life on set or off. She is generous beyond measure, authentic and honest and such a badass at everything she does.”

Fans Urge Christina Hall to ‘Ignore the Haters’

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Hall has said before that she tries not to let negative comments get the best of her.

In January 2023, she told People that when dealing with online hate, “I allow myself a little time to be upset and usually the things that upset me are when people make direct statements about things they have no idea about. Sometimes that’ll really irritate me and then I’ll talk to [my husband] Josh about it.”

Hall continued, “The thing is, people already have a preconceived notion in their head. You could literally show them the truth and they could still be like, no, that’s not the truth.” She added, “The older I get, the less I care.”

Within 24 hours of Hall’s latest post, nearly 300 fans had left mostly supportive comments to lift her spirits.

One wrote, “People who are jealous will say anything to try & ruin your success. They should know it only makes them look bad!! I would never have doubted that you lift women up!! It’s quite obvious in everything you do!!!❤️”

Hall’s friend Heidi Caldwell wrote, “OMgggggg lmfao 🤣 some woke ass shit 💩 who cares as you know !!! You are YOU and bad ass as you know 🙌 some sad people that need to hate per usual!!! Love you gf keep being bad ass and you 🙌❤️”

Hall liked her comment and responded, “love you mostest ❤️”

Some fans also encouraged Hall not to respond to such negativity in the future.

One wrote, “Why acknowledge it 🤷‍♀️surely you’re above the gossip , have a good day 🙌”

Another commented, “Ignore and stop justifying your actions. Lead by example, most of us respect your work ethic, designs and your obvious ability to manage your life and business, successfully”

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