HGTV’s Drew Scott Gaining Strength After Freak Injury

In a new vlog, HGTV‘s Drew Scott revealed he’s devoted to building up his strength, rehabbing with a variety of daily workouts after spraining his ankle in a freak accident.

Scott, who co-stars in a plethora of “Property Brothers” shows on HGTV with his twin brother Jonathan Scott, said his injury occurred while he was simply sitting.

“I sprained my ankle two months ago, sitting at the dining room table,” he said in the latest edition of his and his wife Linda’s Phan’s “At Home” vlog, released on September 5, 2023.

Looking incredulously at the camera, he added, “It just cracked and sprained. I’ve been doing a lot of rehab trying to get back in shape from that.”

After resting and healing, the odd injury forced him to re-think his exercise routine, which used to include regularly playing basketball, and commit himself to strength training. As part of his video overview of his family’s busy summer, including swimming lessons for one-year-old son Parker and entertaining out-of-town visitors, Scott showed fans exactly what he’s been doing to get stronger every day.

Drew Scott Finds Pilates Especially Difficult as Part of His Workout Plan

Scott’s video was filmed primarily while he struggled through an at-home Pilates workout guided by private trainer Kelly of Pilates By Kels, whom he also tagged in a recent Instagram post.

“For all those guys out there who think Pilates is not something for them,” Scott said, “yeah, all guys, especially my age, need to do this. You’re not as strong as you think!”

“How does this hurt so much?” he later asked, wincing as he extended his torso during a Pilates stretch. “Linda doesn’t stop. When she does Pilates, she goes nonstop. I have to take breaks with almost every exercise. Women are way stronger than men, mentally and physically.”

Watching from the side, Kelly quipped, “and emotionally.”

“And emotionally,” Scott agreed.

He then walked viewers through his workout plan for each week.

“I have my trainer come twice a week to work with me, Preston,” Scott said. “Kelly comes twice a week to do Pilates with me, which is amazing. And then I’ve been using an app that sort of plugs in all the gear and equipment that I have, and I’ve been working out on the off days.”

At the end of his video, Scott reiterated how hard Pilates has been for him. According to USA Today, nearly six million Americans regularly practice Pilates, a method created by Joseph and Clara Pilates in 1926 to rehabilitate injured dancers and soldiers by combining light cardio, flexibility and strength training, and breathing techniques.

As Scott glided side-to-side on his Pilates equipment, he quipped, “I’m not training to be a skater, but you would think I am!”

“It’s supposed to be an hour session,” Scott added, looking at Kelly, “but with the amount of times I stop and she makes me finish them, it takes like an hour and a half. Linda never complains. Ever.”

Drew Scott Has Had to ‘Muscle Through’ Injuries Before

This is not the first time Scott’s fans have seen him recover after suffering accidental injuries. For instance, when the six-foot-four former basketball player competed on “Dancing With The Stars” in 2017, he pulled his hamstring during rehearsals, according to E! News.

After he nursed the injury and managed to perform on the show the next night, he told Entertainment Tonight, “I’ve played sports my whole life, you sort of muscle through it.”

This past March, he chipped his front tooth six hours before he was due to appear live with his brother on QVC to promote their “Property Brothers” home decor line. Scott revealed that night that half his tooth broke off when he bit into a piece of toast, but he was able to get it fixed by an emergency dentist before heading to the QVC studios.

In 2018, he revealed on “The Today Show” that sometimes when he’s in pain, his twin brother experiences pain, too. As an example, he told hosts Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford about a time in college when he injured his knee on the basketball court and Jonathan, without knowing about his brother’s injury, started experiencing knee pain in the same leg.

Drew explained, “I know this sounds weird, but back in our college days, I was in a different province (in Canada) than Jonathan. I injured myself playing basketball. I had to go for knee surgery, and all of a sudden he had to take four days off from work because his knee was hurting him, and I hadn’t told him about (the surgery).”

Jonathan confirmed the experience, adding, “There’s weird things like that through our whole lives that happened.”

No word in whether Jonathan’s experienced any ankle pain since Drew’s dining room table mishap.

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