HGTV’s Drew Scott Reveals Surprises From First Days as a Girl Dad

Drew Scott is getting used to life as a girl dad! As one of three boys — including his twin brother and HGTV co-star Jonathan Scott — and as the dad of two-year-old son Parker, having a little girl at home is brand new for Drew, who announced on June 5, 2024, that he and his wife, Linda Phan, had welcomed a daughter, Piper Rae.

The happy parents have since shared via the Drew & Jonathan website that baby Piper was born on May 21 and indicated that the first couple of weeks with her have already been full of surprises.

Drew Scott Says He’s Received ‘Mixed Advice’ About Being a Girl Dad

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Drew, 45, and Linda, 39, opted to be surprised by the gender of their baby, he told ET in early June. But once they announced they had a girl, the advice he’s received from friends has been a bit confusing.

“It’s actually quite funny, I get a lot of mixed advice about being a girl dad,” he said in an interview on the Drew & Jonathan site. “Some people say that it’s the best thing, and others are warning me to look out. All I know is I am excited to experience whatever is to come with Piper.”

Figuring caring for a newborn would be the same with Piper as it was with Parker, Drew told ET he was a natural at changing diapers, boasting, “I was really, really good at changing diapers fast with an infant, so it’s in me.”

But Piper, it turns out, has humbled the new dad a bit.

“I was proud that in the past two years, Parker had never peed on me while changing him,” he said on his website. “Piper has already peed on me twice!”

Accidents aside, things are going well at home as the family adjusts to having a new little one at home — including Parker, who turned two on May 4, becoming a big brother.

“He’s curious, helpful, and maybe a little jealous,” Drew said on his site. “We got him his own baby doll so he can take care of his baby while we take care of ours.”

“We really want to be as involved as possible in their early years,” Drew continued. “Playing, adventures, school activities, coaching, whatever they love. We’ll be there.”

Drew Scott & Linda Phan’s Pregnancy Was a Surprise

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In Drew and Linda’s journey to becoming parents of a girl, another surprise was getting pregnant in the first place. On April 25, Drew told Page Six that they weren’t expecting it at all.

“We were told we wouldn’t be able to have kids without IVF without help,” he told the outlet. “And then all of a sudden, when you’re told one thing — surprise!”

And though they opted not to find out the gender, the “Backed By the Bros” star told the outlet they had a hunch it would be a girl.

“We all think girl, we just we have no reason for it,” he said. “But we’re like, ‘Yeah, you’re carrying a bit different than you did the first time so okay, baby girl!’ But we just want a healthy baby.”

Now that Piper is here, Drew said via that they’re “over the moon,” adding that “Piper is healthy, Linda is healthy, and seeing Parker excited to be a big brother is adorable.”

He also said Jonathan and his fiancée, Zoeey Deschanel, have already met Piper, as have his parents, Linda’s sister and her children. Still to come, he said, are his and Jonathan’s older brother, JD, and his wife Annalee, as well as Linda’s other siblings.

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