Hugh Jackman’s 8,000 calorie bulking diet sounds hard to take

As we know by now, Hugh Jackman will reprise his very popular (and very dead) character Logan aka Wolverine in Ryan Reynolds next Deadpool movie. Hugh has been busy, both with films and a successful The Music Man run on Broadway. None of them, however, have called for Hugh’s famous Wolverine physique. So he is currently trying to get back into comic book shape, and to do so, he’s consuming over 8,000 calories a day. Eight thousand. That sounds like a punishment! I mean, I’d love to not have to count every tiny crumb I put in my mouth but if the alternative was to power down the entire buffet at Olive Garden, I think I’ll stick with my menopause diet, thankyouverymuch.

Hugh Jackman is bulking up to become Wolverine again.

The Golden Globe-winning actor shared a photo of a “day in the life” of becoming one of Marvel’s favorite X-Men. He has been gradually adding calories to his diet as he prepares to reprise the role he played over the course of nine films since 2000.

Now the actor is back on a diet fit for a mutant and packing on the protein with daily meal prep consisting of black bass with veggie rice and herb sauce (2,000 calories), Patagonia salmon with potatoes and hot sauce (2,100 calories), two chicken burgers with sweet potatoes (1,000 calories each) and two grass-fed sirloins with noodles (1,100 calories each.)

“Bulking. A day in the life,” Jackman captioned a photo of the calorie-rich meals. “Thank you, Chef Mario, for helping me stay healthy and properly fed whilst… Becoming. Wolverine. Again.”

The daily intake of 8,300 calories is paired with a rigorous fitness regimen, which the actor is also sharing via social media. In one post, Jackman, 54, shared a shot of himself with bulging biceps as he curled a massive weight. “He’s only 46. I’m older. But it’s not a competition,” reads the caption, which pokes fun at Ryan Reynolds.

[From LA Times]

Actually, reading what Hugh’s eating made me hungry. Those meals sound tasty. I couldn’t eat two burgers or sirloins, but I could put a dent in one. Hugh and I are the same age and I’m allowed less than 1/8th of his calorie allotment per day. I am not, however, powerlifting refrigerators in my downtime either. But this is so much. We speculated how Wolverine would factor into the new Deadpool and general consensus was probably in flashbacks. Which likely means digital de-aging for him, so couldn’t they also digitally bulk poor Hugh up? This is a flex – literally. Men love this crap. Watch me eat my way through Foster Farms while pulling a semi uphill all for a role. I’m so dedicated… and fit, perhaps you noticed. He’ll look phenomenal, he always does (except too veiny for my tastes). And I’ll have to hear about it from my husband who will start asking for chicken breasts and if we can run by Play It Again Sports on the way home to pick up another barbell. Why don’t men ever get inspired when actors in films do the dishes instead? Now that’s sexy.

Definitely go check out Hugh’s chef, Chef Mario Spina’s IG, though. Mmmmmmm.

Photo credit: Avalon and Instagram

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