Ice Cube: If the Sussexes had ‘stuck it out,’ they could have made ‘some changes’

In recent years, Ice Cube has become politically conservative. While he’s not full MAGA, he’s definitely MAGA-adjacent and he absolutely cozied up to Donald Trump, especially in 2020. He’s still doing the same old bullsh-t, but it feels like most people ignore his political statements these days, at least here in America. So, Ice Cube was interviewed on Good Morning Britain in a segment which aired today. Guess who he was asked about? Yes. British people ask every single American about Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan. The connection here is that in the first wave of the British media’s racist abuse against Meghan in 2016, a headline called her “Almost Straight Out of Compton.” Ice Cube is celebrating the 35th anniversary of NWA’s Straight Out of Compton album.

‘There’s some great people who come out of Compton.’@icecube addresses that infamous headline ‘Harry’s girl is (almost) straight outta Compton’, referencing his debut album.

— Good Morning Britain (@GMB) August 14, 2023

When asked about the headline, he was basically like: there’s nothing wrong with Compton, some great people come out of Compton. As if Meghan talked sh-t about Compton, which she didn’t. She’s just not from Compton. He calls the headline a “very off-color joke.” Then when asked about the Sussexit, Ice Cube said: “You know when you’re in the house, you can make more changes to the house than when you’re outside of the house…. That’s kind of my opinion, if they had stuck it out, they might have been able to make some changes.”

Here’s the thing – I’m sure his comments will be seen as Sussex-critical by lovers and haters alike, but I’m kind of surprised by how diplomatic he was? I mean, he got conned by Trumpers three years ago, I’m sure the British media was desperate for Ice to bad-mouth Meghan in particular but he mostly avoided it. He’s basically parroting the same old line that Meghan should have taken the abuse so that she could transform an ancient institution which is based on white supremacy, all while that same institution was trying to destroy her. I saw some Sussex Squad people saying that people want her to be Martin Luther Meg and I’ve been laughing at that all morning.

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