Jenelle Evans Sends a Message to her Mom Through Song Lyrics

Jenelle Evans has sent a message to her mom through song lyrics.

She sang along to the lyrics on TikTok, captioning the video “Dear mom.”

“These lyrics are EVERYTHING ♥️🎶” Evans wrote with the caption. The song is “Just Like You” by “Three Days Grace.” The video had 970,000 views in two days. The former “Teen Mom” star posted the video to her TikTok page on February 1. Evans has more than 3 million followers on her TikTok page.

Evans and her mother, Barbara, have long had a complicated relationship. In July 2022, Evans was critical of her mom, saying in an Instagram post her accomplishments were not recognized. They have had a complex relationship ever since. Custody questions about Evans’ son Jace have also complicated the mother-daughter relationship, according to InTouch Weekly.

Here’s what you need to know:

The Song Lyrics Contain the Line, ‘You Thought You Were There to Guide me’

GettyJenelle Evans.

The song lyrics start, “You thought you were there to guide me. You were only in my way. You’re wrong if you think that I’ll be just like you (Just like you). You thought you were there to guide me. You were only in my way. You’re wrong if you think that I’ll be just like you.”

You can read the rest of the lyrics here.

The lyrics continue to say the singer was cold, ruthless and weak, but would be better off alone.

According to TMZ, Evans’ husband has also been fighting criminal abuse accusations relating to her son.

Jenelle Evans Recently Opened Up About Her Mother in a Late-Night Chat Video

MTVs Teen Mom / YouTubeJenelle Evans

The song lyrics come after Evans posted another video on TikTok that referenced her mother a few days before. In that video, Evans announced that she has had revelations about how difficult her childhood was and how she has been repeating patterns she learned but wants to break.

Evans has been taking parenting classes for the fifth time. According to InTouch Weekly, Evans has been dealing with an “ongoing custody battle over Jace, 14, following several runaway attempts.”

In that video, she said, “So it’s really late, and I’m sitting here thinking, reminiscing on some stuff and, you know what I just realized that the way I was acting out as a child and a teenager goes to show the chaotic household I grew up in.”

Evans continued:

If I never grew up in such a chaotic household, I would not have learned those behaviors and even have done half of them. And it’s like no wonder I acted that way. I learned it, and I thought it was normal. And I’m looking back on, and the pattern is still happening. I am so sick of protecting her piece, and I am so sick of protecting her character because her character is not the way it perceives to be.

In October, Evans also wrote about her mom on Instagram, saying in part, “Please, i need all the prayers and support as possible for my family and my husband. I talk to Detectives everyday about this situation and the media has it wrong. I need my son’s mental health protected so please im begging the media PLEASE STOP, your information is false and i will prove it very soon.”

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