Joe Bradley Shares Why He Thinks He & Danielle Olivera ‘Moved A Little Too Fast’

Joe Bradley is slowing down the pace on his budding relationship with “Summer House” star Danielle Olivera, he admitted, then explained why he felt the two of them had been moving too fast.

“I was kind of telling my friends and my mom earlier, I adore Danielle and I’ve never hit it off with someone so fast to the point where she’s been to Charleston twice,” the “Southern Hospitality” star told Us Weekly on January 23. “This is my third time up here [in New York City] and even if I wasn’t here for Watch What Happens [With Andy Cohen], I would’ve come up to visit her this week. But, I think we moved a little too fast.”

Bradley admitted that he was “kind of pressing the brakes a little bit” on their romance. “I just want to make sure we’re in the right place before I’m officially, like, ‘I’m your boyfriend, you’re my girlfriend.’ I don’t want to get hurt. But more importantly, I don’t want to see her get hurt, and I just want to be in the best place possible before we make a hard launch.”

The Republic VIP host shared that Olivera had already started the conversation about their next step as a couple but he said he needed to learn how to better communicate, including as a boyfriend. “I just don’t know if I’m there yet,” he confessed. “I’m getting pulled from all angles at the club. I just have a lot going on and I just need to make sure I’m at a place where I can prioritize her.”

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Joe Bradley Said the Age Gap Between Him & Danielle Olivera Isn’t an Issue

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Bradley also referenced the age gap between him and Olivera, who is seven years his senior. “Age doesn’t matter, but I think what stage in your life matters,” he explained. “My career is just getting started in [the] food and bev [industry], and I think, hopefully, I’m going to own my own business [one day]. She already owns her own app.”

Although Bradley said they were slowing down their romance a tad, he gushed about the things that drew him to the Bravo star. “She [has] this amazing work ethic and she can turn it off and she can go toe-to-toe with me and drink me under the table,” he said. “So, if you can balance that work ethic and that party life that I like to try to balance. That’s why I think I get along with the Summer House people well.” He said he also enjoyed seeing how much she “loves her family and her friends.”

However, just a couple of days after his interview, Us Weekly reported from an eyewitness that Bradley and “Real Housewives of New York City” alum Luann de Lesseps were “all over each other” at the Dream Hotel on January 24 after filming a “Watch What Happens Live” episode. A source close to Bradley denied the report.

Joe Bradley Expressed Interest in His ‘Southern Hospitality’ Co-Star Salley Carson During Season 2

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Bradley and Olivera have been seeing each other since meeting at BravoCon 2023, but viewers watching the current season of “Southern Hospitality” can see the VIP Host exploring a romance with colleague Salley Carson.

In the second season’s first few episodes, Bradley invited Carson over to his apartment for a dinner date. He cooked chicken parm following a family recipe and had a nice date. However, Bradley later found out that Carson had been hanging out with Gaston, the roommate of their colleague and co-star TJ Dinch. In fact, Dinch claimed that Carson and Gaston had been kissing before her date with Bradley and she even asked Gaston to help her pick her date-night look.

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