John Bercow eviscerating a Big Brother winner on the Traitors US was not on our 2024 bingo card

John Bercow has absolutely made season two of the Traitors US (Picture: Peacock)

John Bercow just turned the Traitors castle into the House of Commons as he eviscerated Dan Gheesling at a tense roundtable.

The former MP is currently taking part in the US version of the hugely popular gameshow, and was previously placed in the firing line, after he was accused of lying about having asthma.

In the latest episode, the 61-year-old effortlessly turned the attention over to the Big Brother winner, branding him a ‘silent slaughterer’.

Dan, who actually is a Traitor alongside Parvati Shallow and Phaedra Parks, attempted to throw the latter under the bus to save himself after he found himself under suspicion.

He called the Real Housewives of Atlanta star out for being ‘too extra’ at certain points, and branded her a ‘mastermind’ – accusations she expertly defended, while her baffled co-stars, including latecomer Kate Chastain, rushed to protect her.

John was also having none of it and stepped in to voice his concerns over Dan’s actions, while voting for him to be banished.

‘My vote is for Dan,’ he said in a scathing speech. ‘I listened intently to you, Dan, tonight and your deflection was onto Phaedra. That case was comprehensively rebutted.

‘Treachery deserves to be punished by banishment. Banishment, my dear friend should be your fate tonight.

‘This guy is the silent slaughterer and that’s the sum of it.’

Fans watching on from home couldn’t get enough of John’s efforts and flocked to social media to praise the scenes.

Dan Gheesling was banished from the castle (Picture: Peacock)

‘The spirit of Macbeth possessed John Bercow in that Scottish castle, I’m genuinely cackling, he’s so camp #TheTraitorsUS,’ one wrote.

‘Phaedra, Kate, and John gagging Dan at the round table? Spectacular television. Oh #TheTraitorsUS don’t make that serve,’ another agreed.

‘John giving Edgar Allen Poe #TheTraitorsUS,’ a follower cheered.

A viewer penned: ‘Treachery deserves to be punished by banishment Ok, maybe I stan John #TheTraitorsUS #TraitorsUS.’

Traitor Phaedra Parks survived the roundtable in style (Picture: Peacock)

‘GIRLLLLLLLLL John just read Dan down to the library & presided his rights in front of all the parliament hunnyyyyyyyyy #TheTraitorsUs,’ a Twitter user said.

As a commenter added: ‘Ohhhh, John ate, too. “Treachery should be punished with banishment. This guy is the silent slaughterer.” Wheewwww #TheTraitorsUS.’

Dan raised eyebrows when he squirmed under questioning at the roundtable, but his efforts to move the suspicion onto Phaedra didn’t go as planned.

After describing her as too much, she remained calm under pressure, telling him: ‘I’m very extra, baby. I do too much because you do too little. But tonight, you’re doing way too much because you know you’re getting ready to be banished.

‘So, you’re trying to put the heat on me, which is a crock of BS.’

Calling attention to his Big Brother success, she added: ‘If there was really a mastermind, it sure wouldn’t be a dolled up housewife. That would not be it.’

At the end of the episode, Dan was banished and the cast celebrated finally catching their first Traitor – but will his exit cast further suspicion on the remaining pair?

The Traitors US continues on Thursdays at 9pm ET on Peacock.

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