Justin Timberlake told his wife that ‘he was barely drinking’ the night of his DWI

Jessica Biel has historically put up with a lot from Justin Timberlake. Even before their wedding, Justin was cheating on Jessica and she turned a blind eye to it or parlayed his infidelities into getting what she wanted. Then he turned the wedding into The Justin Timberlake Show. He did the same for Jessica’s first pregnancy. I’m wary of boxing Jessica into some “long suffering wife” role though – while she has suffered (as have we all), she also did the most to get the ring and she always done the most to keep the ring. So what if her husband just got arrested for drunk driving? At least he’s not cheating on her (again). So we keep getting all of these “how is Jessica reacting to JT’s DWI?” pieces. Long story short, she’s upset but it’s not like she’s actually telling him he needs rehab or anything.

Jessica Biel has been “extremely upset” following husband Justin Timberlake’s DWI arrest, multiple sources tell Us Weekly.

“Jessica is extremely upset. She was shocked to hear the news and had no idea as she was working,” an insider exclusively tells Us. “She was really worried about him.”

Biel, 42, who has not publicly addressed Timberlake’s arrest, is currently filming The Better Sister in New York City. The actress has been married to Timberlake since 2012 and they share sons Silas, 9, and Phineas, 3. Per the source, Timberlake told Biel that “he was barely drinking.”

“She always gives Justin the benefit of the doubt,” the insider adds.

A second source, meanwhile, tells Us that Timberlake was “taking a quick break” from his Forget Tomorrow World Tour.

“Justin was at dinner with friends and … [and he] wanted to enjoy some down time and have fun,” the insider says. “He and his friends didn’t even really drink that much so they were shocked he was pulled over.”

According to the source, Timberlake has not really “been drinking” while touring. “[He’s] been really healthy with the ongoing tour,” the insider notes.

[From Us Weekly]

Timberlake told Biel that “he was barely drinking.” Just my opinion: Justin is either an alcoholic or he’s in profound denial about his social drinking, and in either case, no one believes that he was “barely drinking.” The whole reason the cop pulled him over was because he blew through a stop sign and he was driving on the wrong side of the road. That’s not “oh, I just nursed one beer the whole night.” We have enough evidence that Justin is a habitual sloppy drunk. Now, whether his wife sees him enough to understand that, I don’t know.

Meanwhile, TMZ has quickly become Timberlake Media Zone with all of their men’s rights activism on Justin’s behalf. TMZ’s sources swear that JT has never had a documented problem with alcohol and he will not check into rehab or do any kind of 12-step program or anything like that. Page Six’s sources confirm that Justin’s tour will continue without any pauses or cancelations too. Some people theorized that a DWI might be a convenient excuse to cancel a tour with lackluster ticket sales. But no, the “world tour” will limp on. Drunkenly stumble on.

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