Katie Maloney Explains VPR Love Triangle With Tori Keeth

Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney both stepped back into the dating pool following their 2022 divorce, but neither expected to be going for the same girl.

The  “Vanderpump Rules” exes were both spotted kissing singer Tori Keeth in the VPR season 11 trailer, which was released in December 2023. Months after filming, Maloney, 38, claimed she initially had no idea Schwartz was interested in Keeth when she approached her herself.

Speaking with Us Weekly in January 2024, Maloney said, “I didn’t plan it, because I didn’t know that they had been chatting or talking or there was a thing happening when I had been like, ‘Oh, hey.’”

Once she did find out Keeth had locked lips with Schwartz, she didn’t pull back. “I was like, what am I gonna do, just be like, ‘Oh, why don’t you guys just [go ahead]?’” she asked. “I’m like, ‘No, I like her too, so I’m going to hang out with her too. And whoever she likes more, I guess she’ll just [decide].’”

“It was just a weird thing. Some people thought I was maybe gonna go after her just because of Tom,” Maloney added. “I was like, ‘I don’t wake up in the morning and plan my day around what this man is doing,’ so I just had already decided what I decided, and I wasn’t gonna let that stop me.”

In the “Vanderpump Rules” trailer, Keeth, 25, is seen telling Maloney, “I have a crush on a divorced couple.”  Additional clips show her making out with both Maloney and Schwartz separately. “I’ve never been in a love triangle before,” Schwartz says, to which Maloney replies, “May the best man win.”

Tori Keeth Used to Be Friends With Raquel Leviss


Little did we know what would unfold a few weeks later 😺 at least @cortney looks cute #vpr #scandoval

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The Schwartz-Maloney love triangle isn’t the first time Keeth has found herself in “Vanderpump Rules” drama. The “One More Night” singer was previously friends with former VPR star Raquel Leviss. In February 2023,  just a few weeks before Leviss’ shocking cheating scandal with Tom Sandoval was uncovered,  Keeth spent Valentine’s Day with the former pageant queen.

“Little did we know what would unfold a few weeks later,” Keeth captioned a TikTok  of a smiling Leviss coming through her door with heart-shaped balloons and treats. ‘This TikTok didn’t age well,” Keeth wrote.

Keeth also had a lot to say once Scandoval made headlines. According to Page Six, when Leviss accused Scheana Shay of giving her a black eye, Keeth called other out in an Instagram story. “What you’ve done is disgusting enough. But to LIE about a black eye?” she wrote to Leviss. “Come on Raquel, we’re not stupid. You are. You’ve had this black eye since BEFORE you were ‘supposedly’ punched.”

She also accused Leviss of trying to distract from her own “despicable actions.” “Drop the victim card Raquel. We all see right through you. Damn you really think you know somebody,” Keeth added.

Tori Keeth is Close Friends With Scheana Shay & Her Sister Cortney

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Keeth knows the VPR crowd through Shay and her sister, Cortney van Olphen. During a 2023 appearance on “Scheanangins With Scheana Shay,” Keeth revealed that she even sang at Shay’s wedding to Brock Davies.

After the season 11 trailer dropped, former co-star Kristen Doute talked about Keeth on her podcast, “Sex, Love, and What Else Matters.”  “Tori Keeth, she’s so adorable,” Doute said. “She’s an amazing artist. She’s a singer, she’s an artist, and I love her. She is best friends with Scheana’s little sister, Cortney. And we see cute, little pink-haired Tori, in the trailer, kissing not just Tom, but also Katie Maloney. Ooh la la.”

Keeth still appears to be friendly with Maloney. On December 23, 2023, the singer posted to Instagram for her 25th birthday, and Maloney and some other “Vanderpump Rules” stars appeared in one of her photos. “Happy birthday beauty 😘🖤!” Maloney wrote in the comment section. “Thank you baby,”  Keeth replied.

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