King Charles checked into the London Clinic for his enlarged prostate procedure

Did anyone else genuinely think that King Charles’s prostate procedure was going to happen much earlier this week? When Buckingham Palace made the announcement two Wednesdays ago, it felt like the procedure would happen on Monday or Tuesday of this week. But no, it’s happening today. Charles spent much of the past week in Sandringham, resting and clearing his schedule of events for the next month or so. He returned to London yesterday, and then today, Queen Camilla joined him at The London Clinic, where he’s been checked in for his procedure.

King Charles is expected to have his prostate procedure at the same hospital where the Princess of Wales underwent surgery last week after he was pictured arriving at the London Clinic. The King and Queen were photographed being driven from Clarence House just after 8.30am, having returned to London on Thursday ahead of the planned operation. Shortly after, he was pictured arriving at the London Clinic.

A spokesman for Buckingham Palace said: “The King was this morning admitted to a London hospital for scheduled treatment. His Majesty would like to thank all those who have sent their good wishes over the past week and is delighted to learn that his diagnosis is having a positive impact on public health awareness.”

Charles, 75, had been resting at Sandringham in Norfolk following the cancellation of his public engagements this week. Buckingham Palace has declined to provide further details of the surgery. The Princess of Wales has been recuperating at the London Clinic after undergoing abdominal surgery at the hospital last week.

[From The Telegraph]

According to the royal reporters (see below), Charles visited Kate’s hospital room and checked on her before he was settled in his room. There’s no mention of Camilla checking on Kate, but Camilla did go into the hospital with Charles, and I would assume she will be staying with him or visiting him for however long he stays at the London Clinic. Chris Ship also suggested that “if” Prince William wanted to, he could visit his father and his wife at the same time, at the same hospital.

It can be confirmed that His Majesty is undergoing his operation at the London Clinic and his visited his daughter-in-law the Princess of Wales before his own surgery. She is still recuperating there following abdominal surgery

— Rebecca English (@RE_DailyMail) January 26, 2024

Queen Camilla has gone into the hospital with King Charles. Whilst this might seem normal for most families, it is very unusual for the Royal Family to accompany their spouse like this (the late Queen and Prince Philip always went into hospital on their own.)

— Chris Ship (@chrisshipitv) January 26, 2024

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red.

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