King Charles unexpectedly spent a third night in the hospital, causing ‘unease’

Initially, Buckingham Palace did not give a firm timeline on when King Charles would have his prostate procedure, nor how long he would be in the hospital, nor how long he would need to recover at home. When Charles checked into the London Clinic last Friday, we were told he would be there “over the weekend,” most likely two nights, Friday and Saturday. Well, he stayed in the hospital on Sunday night as well:

The King’s hospital stay has been extended as he recovers from surgery for an enlarged prostate, an insider has claimed, sparking concerns for the monarch’s health.

Charles, 75, planned on staying at The London Clinic for just two nights following the operation on Friday, but has now been kept in by doctors for a third.

A source told The Sun: ‘It is understood that Charles would only stay in hospital for longer than two nights if there was some kind of unexpected issue.’

They added that the additional night at the clinic ‘is entirely precautionary’ but may still have caused ‘some unease’.

The development comes as the palace confirmed the monarch could be out of action for a month when he is discharged, missing public engagements.

Queen Camilla made a visit to the King’s bedside on Sunday evening, and was seen smiling in the back of her black Audi as the car pulled away from the London Clinic at 7.06pm. It was the Queen’s fourth visit to her husband, and she leaves the hospital less than four hours after her previous departure following a quick succession of trips to see him on Sunday.

It is understood King Charles will not carry out any royal engagements for up to a month as he recovers from prostate surgery. He will have a ‘period of recuperation’, Sky News reports, but will be able to attend to government papers once he is discharged.

[From The Daily Mail]

Cause for concern? Possibly, but again, he’s 75 years old and he was never going to “bounce back” from any kind of surgery quickly. It takes people longer to heal as they get older. Plus, he’s the king – of course they want to take every precaution. Of course, it does add an extra layer of speculation, especially given that Camilla seems concerned enough to visit him in the hospital constantly (and be photographed doing so every time).

Also: they keep making a big deal about how Charles chose the London Clinic specifically because the Princess of Wales is being treated there, thus saving the taxpayers “thousands” in security costs. Which adds so many other questions…

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