Kyle Richards Says Mauricio Umansky Made Decision on Daughter’s Extravagant Birthday Gift: ‘You Can Talk to Him’

Kyle Richards defended the decision to buy her youngest daughter Portia Umansky a brand new Porsche for her 16th birthday, but she also clarified that it wasn’t her idea.

In June 2024, Richards was caught by TMZ after a video surfaced of Richards and her husband  Mauricio Umansky couple gifting their daughter a Porsche Cayenne nearly one year after announcing their separation.

While the Bravo star did note that her daughter deserved the gift, she added, “My husband Moe, he works very hard, and you can talk to him about [the car]. That was his purchase. He was the one that bought it.”

“I do not know [how much it cost],” she added. “You have to ask Moe. I actually did not make that purchase.”

Kyle Richards Explained Why Portia Deserved the Luxury Car

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Portia appeared shocked by the gift in a video posted by her sister Sophia Umansky.  In the clip, the teen was walking to the front door of her family’s Encino, California, Mansion.  She became visibly emotional when she saw a Porsche with a red bow on it in the driveway.

After Mauricio Umansky asked her, “Whose car is that?” Portia began to sob and say, “Are you kidding me?”

According to Car and Driver, pricing for a 2025 Porsche Cayenne starts at $86,695 and goes as high as $126,895 depending on the options selected.

Speaking with TMZ, Richards agreed that it is  “a beautiful car.”

“It wasn’t as expensive as reported but I understand that, I get that,” she told the outlet of the comments she has received about the extravagant gift.

But the mom of four also explained why she thinks her daughter is deserving of the car. “She’s a very good driver,” Richards said. “She’s a straight A student, she’s a good kid.”

Portia Umansky Isn’t the 1st Real Housewives Kid to Get a Porsche For Her Birthday

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In addition to Richards and Umansky, other “Real Housewives” stars have gifted their children expensive cars. In 2022, “Real Housewives of New Jersey” couple Melissa and Joe Gorga gave their teen daughter Antonia a brand-new white Porsche for her 17th birthday.

The couple spoke out about the pricey purchase during an August 2022 episode of Melissa’s “On Display” podcast. Joe Gorga revealed that his daughter hinted that she wanted a “particular car” but that he tricked her and told her there were supply chain issues.

“So, I had her going for three months, and I surprised her with a car. It was the best moment a dad could ever have. I mean the way she appreciated it, she cried,” he said.

While Melissa admitted the car was “a little over-the-top,” she explained that their daughter deserved a “very beautiful, high-end car.” “She’s a good kid and her daddy wanted to do it for her.” Melissa added.

The Envy boutique owner also pointed out that her daughter got straight As in school and made the dean’s list. “She’s a good kid…and I want to reward her for that,” Joe Gorga added.

A few months later, Melissa appeared on “Jeff Lewis Live”  and admitted Antonia was grounded from driving her Porsche when she refused to drop her younger brother off for snowboarding.

“It’s probably like a 15- to 20-minute drive to drop him off,” Melissa said before revealing that Antonia said she would “absolutely not” drive her brother anywhere. After a 20-minute refusal, Joe Gorga took the keys to the Porsche.

“And she hasn’t drove that car this whole week,” Melissa told Lewis. “She’s been losing it. And I wanted to give in, I’m not gonna lie. I already called him yesterday, I’m like, ‘Joe, I can’t take her. I’m not taking her. I’m not driving her to cheer practice. Give her her keys.’ But he did not give in.”

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