Leah Messer Posts Video With ‘Soulmate’

“Teen Mom: The Next Chapter” star Leah Messer shared a May 3 video shouting out one of her “soulmates”.

“Soulmates come in the form of best friends too!” Leah wrote on the post, which featured a montage of clips of her with her friend Nicole Stegall, who according to her Instagram bio acts as Leah’s General Manager. The pair of friends hit the town for a night out, taking selfies and videos in the car, in the bathroom mirror, and while eating food at a table while others danced in the background. While Leah is sharing her platonic love for her best friend, the MTV star is currently single after breaking off her engagement to Jaylan Mobley in late 2022.

Leah Messer Answers Fan Questions


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Fans loved Leah’s post celebrating her friendship with Nicole, and took the opportunity to ask her questions and share their opinions in her comment section.

One fan commented, “Team Leah & Jeremy”, which prompted Leah to respond, “Team no way 🤣 #TeamLeah” (to which the original fan completed the thread with “😂 Team Leah is a great alternative”).

The “Jeremy” in question is Leah’s ex-husband Jeremy Calvert. The pair met and began dating in August 2011, and eight months later tied the knot in April 2012. Ten months after that, the pair welcomed a daughter, Adalynn Calvert (now 10 years old), whom Leah retains custody of to this day, although Jeremy has visitation rights. By April 2015, Jeremy filed for divorce, a choice People reported that Leah was initially against, with her saying, “I don’t think we should get a divorce, but I think each of us needs time. Like, he needs to get help, and I need to get help.”

Another fan commented on Leah’s post to ask “do you still talk to kayla?” to which the MTV star responded, “I do!”

Leah was a cast member of “Teen Mom 2” since the first season, which began in 2011, and since the beginning viewers got to know one of her best friends, Kayla Rausch, who appeared on screen in quite a few of Leah’s scenes. Kayla’s husband was in the military, and by 2014 Leah’s friend was relocated to the Las Vegas area with her husband. According to an April 2022 update by The U.S. Sun, Leah’s friend is now a mother of two young boys and her husband is working as a police officer.

Nicole Stegall Supported Leah Messer During Her Jaylan Mobley Split

Nicole was there with Leah through many of her relationship ups and downs, most recently with Leah’s breakup from ex-fiancé Jaylan Mobley. The couple began dating in August 2021, got engaged while celebrating their one-year anniversary, and then split two months later in the Fall of 2022, and Nicole spoke to In Touch about the relationship.

“It took her a minute, but her family and friends have been really supportive through all of this. I think Leah really put her all into this relationship and it was heartbreaking,” Nicole told the outlet in December 2022, “It hurts me for her to get anything negative from social media, etc. Leah being my best friend, I can speak on what a genuine kindhearted person Leah truly is. She’s definitely bounced back though. She’s planning events, working on future projects and focusing on her and her daughters.”

As far as social media goes, Nicole came to her friend’s defense in a series of November 2022 tweets when rumors of Leah’s split form Jaylan first began making headlines. “Let me tell you something that WINS.. being a GENUINE person, that’s what wins,” Nicole tweeted in reference to one of Jaylan’s posts, adding in a second post, “Our group chat is lit 🔥🔥😭😭”.

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