Lindsay Hubbard Reveals Why She Won’t Go Public With New Boyfriend After Carl Radke Split

Lindsay Hubbard is taking things slow nearly one year after her former fiancé, Carl Radke ended their engagement on camera.

In a June 2024 interview, the “Summer House”  star said she doesn’t want to repeat her past mistakes in her new relationship.

Hubbard has been dating a mystery man for several months. Speaking  with E! News in June 2024, she admitted that she wants to maintain her boyfriend’s privacy “for as long as possible.”

“I’ve also learned from my past mistakes in being too public with every step of my relationships,” the former Hubb House PR boss explained. “And after my last relationship ended in such a humiliating and very public way, I’m not exactly dying to open my current relationship up to the world just yet.”

Lindsay Hubbard Has No Timeline For Marriage & Kids

GettyLindsay Hubbard in 2023.

Hubbard, 37, previously penned a “Timeline for Life” while dating her ex, Stephen Traversie. The to-do list included marriage by age 35 and having a baby by age 36.

When she was engaged to Radke, she told Us Weekly she had “baby fever” and wanted to start having kids right after her wedding. “I would like to have them, maybe, before 40,” she added. Hubbard will be 38 on August 11, 2024.

But in her relationship with her new man, the timelines are out the window. “I got rid of any and all timelines considering all of my past timelines have blown up in my face,” Hubbard told E! News, adding that she is letting her new relationship progress naturally and is “not putting any pressure on next steps until it feels right” for them both.

“I hope it eventually does lead to a serious future with him, but if it doesn’t, that’s okay too,” she said.

In May 2024 interview on the “B*tch Bible” podcast, Hubbard revealed that she originally dated her new boyfriend more than three years ago.

“I actually met him and went out with him three and a half years ago,” she told host Jackie Schimmel. “It was like October, November 2020. We met and we headed off on some dates. He was trying to figure out his career moves, and it was just bad timing for him.  …I was in a weird place at the time and so he broke things off with me. But he did it in such a respectful way.”

“This past December, three years after we had gone out three or four times, he reached back out,” she continued. “And I was like ’Wow, blast from the past.’”

Lindsay Hubbard ‘Doesn’t Know’ If Her New Man Will Make a Cameo on ‘Summer House’

BravoSUMMER HOUSE — Season:8 — Pictured: (l-r) West Wilson, Kyle Cooke, Amanda Batula, Danielle Olivera, Gabby Prescod, Carl Radke, Ciara Miller, Lindsay Hubbard, Jesse Solomon, Paige DeSorbo — (Photo by: Felix Kunze/Bravo)

On the “B**** Bible” pod, Hubbard said her new boyfriend does not watch “Summer House.” “It’s refreshing that my dude now is just unfazed by it,” she told Schimmel. “He’s like, ‘Respect to you and that’s what you do,’ but he doesn’t care about it,” she said.

She told E! News that not only has her new man “never seen ‘Summer House,’” he “probably never will.”

With “Summer House” filming starting up in July, the big question is, will her new man travel with her to the Hamptons party house where her former fiancé will also likely be?

In a June 13 interview with Rolling Stone, Hubbard admitted she’s unsure. “I don’t know,” she said of the possibility of her mystery man appearing on “the Bravo reality show. “I think that’s a conversation that I would have to have with him.”

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