Lyndsay Lamb Reveals ‘Medically Diagnosed’ Condition

HGTV’s newest “Rock the Block” champions Lyndsay Lamb and Leslie Davis announced the launch of their new podcast, “Twin Win Unfiltered” shortly after their big win, and the pair released their first episode on YouTube and streaming platforms on April 30.

In their premiere episode, the “Unsellable Houses” hosts covered a variety of topics, including some of the past parties they’ve thrown together and some of the differences between them. One big difference that they touched on was Lyndsay’s inability to sleep, something Leslie doesn’t have much trouble with.

“Not self-diagnosed. A lot of people say they have insomnia but they don’t have the real thing. I have actual medically diagnosed [insomnia],” Lyndsay shared on air.

Lyndsay Lamb Explains Her Nightly Routine

Leslie went on to share that after touching the dropper of her sister’s medicine on her tongue while unable to sleep at a hotel, “I couldn’t get up for 15 hours. I thought I was going to wet the bed, I was sleeping so [heavily].”

Leslie then added that her sister’s lack of sleep often manifests in online shopping in the middle of the night. “I think that’s one of the benefits of me having insomnia, and shopping,” Lyndsay countered, “is that I bring in giant giveaway piles to the office, and so everybody gets to benefit from my giveaways.” Upon hearing this, Leslie took stock of her own outfit and noted that the shirt she was wearing was from one of her twin sister’s giveaways earlier that week.

Leslie then proceeded to ask Lyndsay to share her bedtime routine with listeners, and Lyndsay obliged, saying, “Yes, I have some medications I take, prescribed. Then, I get into a bath for about 20, 25 minutes because I like to have a really warm core. Then I get out and put on my oils, everything. Then [my husband] Justin tucks me in. He tucks me in so that my blankies are tight, like a burrito.”

Lyndsay then detailed putting on her eye mask, playing a 30 minute meditation, and closing her eyes. “If I’m not asleep by the time it gets to the end [of the meditation], then I know it’s going to be a bad night.”

Leslie claimed that part of the difference in her and her sister’s routine comes from her having three sons, while Lyndsay only has one. “I go to bed around 10 o’clock. I fall asleep immediately, but I wake up at 5:30 to an alarm for grown teenage children, because they can’t get themselves up,” Leslie said of her own, simpler routine.

Fans React to the Premiere of ‘Twin Win Unfiltered’

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The twins shared a snippet of their video podcast in an April 30 Instagram post to spread the news about its launch, and fans took to the comment section to share in the excitement.

“You guys have so much in common as identical twins 👯I have a fraternal twin…we’re like night and day and never agree. Your hilarious banter and facial expressions are too funny ! 😂,” one fan wrote.

“You gals crack me up! Love your show! Two beautiful ladies inside and out! ❤️,” another fan commented.

“I love this and y’all so much,” a third user added.

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