Margot Robbie & Greta Gerwig’s Oscar snubs ‘will sting for a long time’

I’m going to keep writing about the Oscar snubs for Greta Gerwig and Margot Robbie, even though some of y’all are going to keep commenting sh-t like “but it was a bad movie” and “they didn’t deserve anything.” If you want to keep doing the patriarchy’s work, so be it, I can’t stop you. As I’ve said, I’m enjoying all of the thinkpieces, analysis and reactions to the snubs. It’s fascinating to watch as Oscar voters freak out (in a sort of “are we the villains?” way) and it’s interesting to see, like, Oscar historians talk about how significant these snubs were.

Margot Robbie and Greta Gerwig’s individual omissions from the recently announced Oscars 2024 nominations won’t be forgotten anytime soon, according to an expert.

“It’s definitely not a good look that the Academy members left out Greta Gerwig and Margot Robbie for directing and starring in a movie that’s largely about how impressive women are often marginalized,” says Dave Karger, Turner Classic Movies host and author of 50 Oscar Nights.

“Even though [Robbie and Gerwig] both received nominations for their work on Barbie in other categories, these two high-profile omissions will be remembered — and they will sting — for a long time,” Karger tells PEOPLE.

The film’s comedic nature may have also affected overall nominations, he adds.

“I do think that the Academy membership has a bit of a bias, unconscious or otherwise, against true comedies and towards heavier dramas,” says Karger. “Greta and Margot surely made it on to thousands of ballots, but since those ballots are weighted towards voters’ No. 1 and No. 2 favorites, we can assume they simply didn’t earn enough of those top-tier votes.”

[From People]

“These two high-profile omissions will be remembered — and they will sting — for a long time.” Is he saying it will sting for Robbie and Gerwig, or it will sting for the Academy that they bungled it so badly? As all of the Barbie-haters have screamed a million times by now, Gerwig and Robbie will both be fine – Barbie’s success ensures that they will get to make anything they want with any kind of financing. Robbie proved herself as one of the top producers in the industry, and Greta is already working on Narnia. But yeah, the snubs will “sting” for Robbie and Gerwig personally and professionally, and they’ll also sting for the industry. If there’s one thing AMPAS doesn’t want, it’s to look this out of touch, this sexist, this anti-woman. AMPAS has spent years trying to weather the “Oscars So White” issues, and now their voters are discriminating against white women who made the most successful and creative movie of the year? Come on, it’s bad.

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