Michael Mosley Cause of Death: What Happened to the British TV Doctor?

We have an update on the tragic death of Michael Mosley.

On Sunday morning, the body of this well-known television presenter and doctor in Great Britain was discovered on the Greek island of Symi after a days-long search.

Mosley was 67 years old.

May Michael Mosley rest in perpetual peace. (BBC News)

A day later, a Greek police spokesperson has told the BBC that no injuries were found on Mosley’s body post-mortem and that the position of his body indicated that natural causes were likely the reason for his death.

Officials have ordered a toxicology and histology report, although The Guardian reports that the results will not be available for several months.

No foul play is suspected.

Mosley was a popular presence abroad for his numerous programs on the BBC, along with his regular appearances on TV and radio and his column in the Daily Mail newspaper. He was known outside the United Kingdom for his 2013 book “The Fast Diet,” which he co-authored with journalist Mimi Spencer.

In 2002, Mosley was nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award for outstanding non-fiction special (informational) after executive producing the 2001 BBC mini-series “The Human Face,” which examined the science behind facial beauty, expression and fame.

Michael Mosley during an ITV appearance. (ITV)

Mosley’s wife, meanwhile, said her husband took the wrong route on a hike and collapsed just short of reaching a marina in a place where his body could not easily be seen.

“Michael was an adventurous man, it’s part of what made him so special,” Dr. Clare Bailey Mosley said in statement.

“It’s devastating to have lost Michael, my wonderful, funny, kind and brilliant husband. We had an incredibly lucky life together.

“We loved each other very much and were so happy together.”

The spouses got married in 1987 and share four children.

This is one of many books authored by the late Michael Mosley. (Amazon)

“I am incredibly proud of our children, their resilience and support over the past days,” Clare added in her statement.

“My family and I have been hugely comforted by the outpouring of love from people from around the world. It’s clear that Michael meant a huge amount to so many of you. … I feel so lucky to have our children and my amazing friends.

“Most of all, I feel so lucky to have had this life with Michael.”

A spokesperson for British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said Mosley “will be known as an extraordinary broadcaster who used his platform to influence and change the way we think about many public health issues.”

We send our condolences to the friends, family members and loved ones of Michael Mosley.

May he rest in peace.

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