Omid Scobie previewed some of the ‘Endgame’ chapter titles, royalists are mad

Omid Scobie’s Endgame comes out in November. I honestly believe the book will be a huge story when it’s released, and it will land like a bomb inside the royal media. It will arguably be the first big, critical look at the problems facing the British monarchy post-Elizabeth, and Scobie pushed back the publication to add more stuff about what happened during and around the coronation. You can tell that the British media is scared as hell too – they think that they can smear Scobie in advance of the publication. From the way they’re ranting and raving, I would assume that at least one palace – if not multiple palaces – are running scared and briefing against Scobie. So, what’s new? Yesterday, Scobie gave us an Endgame chapter preview:

Just been told that #ENDGAME is officially at the printers! A little sneak peek for you all

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Check it out via @BNBuzz:

— Omid Scobie (@scobie) September 6, 2023

“The Ongoing Campaign to Make The Royals Great Again.” MRGA?? Please, the Windsors are totally a MAGA-like cult, full of delusions and lies. And the two last chapters on the list – “Gloves On: Prince William, Heir to the Throne” followed by “Gloves Off: Prince Harry, Man on a Mission.” Well, the royalists are IRKED! Victoria Ward at the Telegraph wrote a piece called “Omid Scobie sets sights on Prince William in new book.” Per the Telegraph:

One of the chapters is called, “Gloves On: Prince William, Heir to the Throne”. The decision to dedicate a whole chapter to the heir to the throne will cause consternation at Kensington Palace.

Mr Scobie’s focus on the Prince of Wales is unlikely to be favourable. He has positioned himself as one of the Sussexes’ biggest cheerleaders in recent years and it is well known that Prince Harry and his brother have not spoken for many months.

[From The Telegraph]

Pity she didn’t mention that Scobie himself said that William tried to have him banned from covering royal events because… Scobie treated the Sussexes fairly and he wasn’t down with William’s unhinged campaign against the Sussexes. Anyway, Scobie mocked Ward’s piece and I’m here for Spicy Scobie.

You can do better than this weird guess work, @victoria_ward. Other than the titles of nine (out of 16) chapters, I haven’t “revealed” anything.

— Omid Scobie (@scobie) September 6, 2023

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Scobie’s IG.

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